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My Weekend in a Few Pics: Just the Party....

Full disclosure- I worked on a project literally all day on Saturday, right up until party time - so I don't have much in the way of pics. But - I do have a pic of my costume! Man - nobody knew it was me! I could have gone the whole night and nobody would have known! Why? You ask? Maybe its because I dressed as one of the things that terrifies me most!


Not too shabby, right?

I mean - lets be honest: Amazon, baby. BOOM. Done.

But still! Roadkill was diggin it!

And it looked great under the lights in the bar!

And heres some pics from the party !

With Willy Wonka and an Ooompa Loompa! (I think they won the night!)

This guy was an awesome "Rip" from the show "Yellowstone"! When he walked in - I said- "I LOVE the costume, bro!" -He looked straight at me and said "F*** OFF!" Hahah- JUST like Rip would do it! It was awesome!

This was my Sunday - AGAIN

And thats pretty much all I did this weekend. Oh, I watched the Pats, and started screaming for Zappe in the 2nd quarter.

Hope you had a good weekend-


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