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Greg Kretschmar

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The Buzz "Brews and Boos" Party at the Hill Bar & Grille Was a BLAST!

It was a pretty crazy and very fun night at the Hill Bar & Grill at McIntyre Ski Area on Saturday night! We partied it up and danced the night away with a bunch of really cool folks who came in some killer (no pun intended) costumes!

And yeah- I went as a killer clown...

Photo: greg kretschmar

I figured- if you cant beat em.....join em...

(not that im gonna go out and kill anyone - hahah)

So check this video out from the night-

(watch for Laura's "motorboating" adventures!)

Thanks to everybody that came out, sampled the new Autumn Buzz Beer, and partied with us! We had a blast?

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