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My Weekend: Flying People, Snowshoes, Pitchas & Animals with Attitude

Hey there- how was your weekend? Mine was good. Got to hang with friends, take a little roadtrip with the camera, see some pretty cool places AND see Cirque Du Soleil!

Let's start with Friday. Went to see Cirque du Soleil at SNHU Arena.

I've seen Cirque before - and they do some pretty cool s***, but I've never seen em fly a person over the audience without being connected to wires or anything....

And the acrobats were INSANE- NO safety ropes to be found ANYWHERE!

This woman floated out over the audience while making wise-ass comments that were pretty funny! The show was visually pretty damn cool between the acro and aerobatics and the cool props and things they used.

Got up early on Saturday and headed north to the Tamworth NH area. The snow from the snowstorm on Thursday/Friday was still sticking to the trees- and it was GORGEOUS to see! And in Tamworth- it's a beautiful area to begin with! Here's a couple I got...

I've shot this place before- and this is a phone pic, so the real camera shot is much better (mostly because Im not IN that one...hahah)

And then there is the Wonalancet Union Church.....a stunning view on any day.....

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Took a lot of time driving down roads that I had never been on. That's how I find a lot of stuff I shoot. And that's how I found this - Durgin Covered Bridge in Sandwich NH...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Finding a place like this, early in the morning when there is nobody else around - is pretty special. I had the place all to myself - and it was quiet and peaceful. It was perfect...

When I got home - Valerie and I grabbed the snowshoes and headed out for some local trails...

Valerie had a particular "trail" in mind - haha- but when we got on it - THIS is what we had to deal with....

We pretty much had to bushwhack our way thru the woods because of the heavy snow on all the branches! But- it was a beautiful day and it was great to be out in it!

A lot of people were asking last week about my new truck. It's a Honda Ridgleine, which is perfect for me. Clearly- Im not a big truck guy, so you can keep your "not a real truck" comments to yourself! Haha- I don't work on a f'n ranch - so I don't need a giant rig, for the love of Christ! :) - Anyway - here it is -

At one point when I was out shooting up in Tamworth, I took a few shots from a farm - and I noticed these lambs gawkin at me.....

And I gotta be honest - I didn't like it one bit!

Look at the faces on these things! Givin' me NOTHING BUT ATTITUDE!

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I see them lookin! Why they be hatin???? What? YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME??????



So there it is- now Im getting ready for the next snow storm - and be at work for 530am tomorrow!

See you then-

Hope you had a good weekend -


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