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MIddle School Kids CRUSH Guns N Roses Tune! Music Director is Awesome!

Im not one to be sharing videos of school bands, normally. Not because I don't like them - but rather that they kind of all sound the same

But not these 4.

These are middle school kids - and they CRUSH "Sweet Child O Mine", at their school Holiday Concert!! (Wait! What? Guns n Roses at a Christmas shjow???)

But when you watch it - you'll obviously see how good these kids are at playing - but LOOK at the Music Director.

Look at the absolute JOY that dude is bringing to the performance, as well as HIS JOB!

How cool is it to have THAT kind of enthusiasm in a teacher!

Bravo to THAT guy, as well as those four talented kids!


ps. and the didn't cheap out on the song either- this was no 3 min edit- they gave you the whole damn thing!

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