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The Weekend: Hitting the Town, Sunrises, Wildlife, A Movie and More

Hey folks! Pretty good weekend over here! And how awesome was it to actually have TWO DAYS IN A ROW OF SUN AND WARMTH!?????

Holy crap that was some nice weather! We did some yard work, hit the town, went to a movie, did some photography, saw some wildlife, and more!

It started on Friday night in Dover, where we suspened the Brew Tour so we could watch the Celtics game. We had dinner at The Brickhouse, and then slid over to Diverge to watch the game. En route- we saw our son Tyler, my nephew Hunter and their friends at Thompsons Tavern, so we had to stop up and say "hi" -

Met a lot of nice listeners at Thompsons too - so a special shout out to all the folks I met there!

And even though we were out till 1130 ish- I was still up and out the door at 4am to see what I could find with the camera. First stop was back to downtown Dover for this shot of Cocheco Falls -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Huge rainfall makes for some powerful falls, and thanks to the full moon, I got some pretty good shots of it. Beautiful place, downtown Dover.

I then headed out toward the coast to catch the sunrise over the ocean. The window tells the story...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I stayed on Long Sands on York Beach for a long range shot of the sun rising behind Nubble Light, when a couple of gulls wanted to hijack the photo. So be it. They were doing the same thing I was, right? Waiting on the sun.

I little while later- I spotted this baldie catching some early morning sun.

And then there's me - waiting around to see more....

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

That eagle was gorgeous in the early morning light....

And I wasn't even done with wildlife yet, because then I met this young lady.....

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

She was following her 4 babies as they ran through the woods. She stopped for about 5 seconds just to look at me and let me know she knew I was there.

I love photographing foxes. Probably the most fun animals to shoot because they're so playful, and if you can find a kit of foxes playing- it's the coolest thing to watch ever.

(Matter of fact- if you know where there is a kit of foxes I could photograph- shoot me an email -!!!)

We did some yard work in the afternoon and did a little shopping - and then headed to the movies with our friends Dave and Jolene. It was Dave's birthday - and the only thing he asked for is to go see- Guardians of The Galaxy 3.


BUT - I sucked it up and went because- well, Happy Birthday, man! I went - and didn't even complain or bitch about it. (If you missed the memo - I have NO desire to see any super hero movies. There are wayyyyy too many of them, and they are all the friggin same. Sorry folks. I've had enough flying heroes and alien talking racoons and the end of the world. Ugh). Anyway - I went with an open mind because I heard the Guardian movies were funny.

Wanna know what I thought about it? Watch for my review in my next post...

One thing I will point out though- hey - do you know the guy in the right on this pic?

He's in the Guardians movie.

Isn't HE the kid in We're The Millers who got bit in the balls by a spider???????? It IS, right?

Funniest scene of all time right there! Made it hard to accept him in this role because I just kept lauging thinking about the dance he did when he saw his swollen nut in that Jason Sudekis movie!

On Sunday we got my parents out of their house for a while and took them to the beach for a drive. My Dad is still recovering from his recent hospital stay - and he's doing much better -

Dudes wearing Ray Bans in the back seat - hahah - Arnie crushing it!

And that was the weekend-

Hope you guys had a good one-


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