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Idiot Sports Parent of the Week - Attacks Ref at Youth Basketball Game

Another week, another parent who has no self control over his badass self, attacks a referee at a youth basketball game.

So what else is new?

This one comes from Fort Wayne Indiana

The parent walked on to the court, and thats when the confrontation happened, and it went south pretty quickly.
Nobody seems to know what it was about- but heres the video -

The dude looks all jacked up about something- but he ended up getting dumped on his ass by the ref.

I could rant about how much of a jackass you are if you go on the court, scream at an ump, bump or hit or touch an ump, or cause any kind of disruption at a youth sporting event. I could rant about how bad an example you set for your kid and the others there, or how much YOU EMBARRASS YOUR OWN KID IN THE PROCESS. You're not championing your kid- you're making it clear that their father is an idiot. But- I won't rant about those things-

I'll just simply offer this solution:

If you're a parent and you walk on the playing surface of a youth sporting event, accost or confront any ump or coach- you're' banned from attending any other games and YOUR KIDS TEAM LOSES IMMEDIATELY. Boom. Instant forfeit.

And for those who will argue- "then you're making the kids pay for the parents mistake".

Yes I am.

Because in the minds of these morons- they are DEFENDING THIER KIDS. They're sticking up for them! So - if you make the kids pay - that's the only thing they'll understand.

Second option - arm all refs and coaches with tazers. I'm a fan of those. Trying coming at me when your getting 50,000 volts blasted from your head to your rectum, Chief!

In this instance, the cops werent even called!

I'm so tired of this crap. You can't even find people to ref a game now - and why would they? Given what they're taking while they're out there doing it for the kids? Who would do it????

Ugh. You know what one of my favorite t shirts says, right?

"People. Not a Big Fan."

This is why -


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