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Awesome! Thanks to My Friends at East Coast HVAC!

We've been wanting to put in a split AC/Heating unit in the second floor of our house so we could get rid window ac or portable ac units. They just didn't do the job and were pretty loud. So I reached out to Pete and the folks at East Coast HVAC- because they had done such a great job on installing our furnace, hot water heater, and the downstairs split unit! They came over and we had some fun doing some filming for a video you'll be able to see very soon!

Thanks to Cameron and Mary from Darci Creative! It was a fun day!

Little in-car shooting, and some outside stuff too!

And in the end - the Mitsubishi unit was installed and up and running and it works great!

It both cools, and heats too! In the winter - we use it to warm up the house when we get home. Just put it on for a bit to take the edge off the cold- and it helps us save money on our heating bills! We love it - and best of all - you can't even hear it when it's running. Pretty cool! This was one of the two home projects we had for this year - and East Coast did a great job!

It's a compact unit too so it doesn't take up a lot of space!

Thanks to Pete, Darci Creative - and most importantly - the guys who did the expert install: Scott, Brian, Ian and Matt! Nice work guys!

I'll post the video as soon as it's done so you can see what we did!

I've been an East Coast HVAC customer for years and they do great work!


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