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My Weekend: LHC & Aubuchon, From Mountains to The Sea, Pats, and Brews!

First, lets be clear: I consider Wednesdays the "new" Thursdays. That's when I start feeling the weekend. So that means Thursdays are now Fridays, and Fridays are like working a little bit on Saturday morning. Feel me?

I mean, I'm just jump starting the weekend vibe, thats all! And besides- I actually start "working" on Sunday afternoons! (That's what Im doing right now!).

The point of telling you this- is because Im include stuff I did on Thursday and include it as a part of my "weekend".

Now that that's all cleared up. I'll start by saying I had an unbelievable road trip on Thursday through the White Mountains, and down to Mt Chocorua - and the conditions (foliage) were spectacular. Not everywhere, mind you - but it was in the places I sought out.

I was up in Franconia - one of my favorite areas of NH- and climbed down into a ravine to scout a stream, and this is what I saw -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I mean,..........right? It was friggin BEAUTIFUL down there! And this is only one of several falls I shot down in that ravine! Then I crossed the Kancamagus Highway over to Conway, and shot down Rt 16 so I could land at Lake Chocorua at sunset. And - again - it was killer -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And that's the kind of roadtrip that really fuels me. It's hard to explain, but getting out in places like these is just good for me. I think its because when I'm out there, I'm not thinking about anything else. Work, pressure, or the endless things I have to do. It's just me, the camera, and the moment I'm standing in front of. It's like cleaning the slate, or "clearing the mechanism' - or any of the thousand cliches people use to explain decompressing. So anyway- a GREAT start to the weekend.

Friday night, our "Brew Crew" (Valerie and our friends Gary and Lorraine) hit Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton!

And here's Gary.

Everybody needs a friend like Gary! Haha -

We had a blast, and both the food and beer were great!

On Saturday morning I got up early and headed to Alton and New Durham to do some exploring to see what there was to shoot (with a camera - haha)

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Got some cool shots, but this one of this row of houses has been shot by everyone and their brother. But most weren't at 6am. So add mine to the list.

Then it was on to AUBUCHON HARDWARE in Dover where Kayla and I hosted a BBQ and helped to promote their ROUND UP program. If you go in to the Aubuchon stores in Dover, Allenstown, Lee, Moultonboro and Alton- you'll get the chance to "round up" your purchase to the nearest dollar- and that amount will be donated to LEND A HELPING CAN! We met lots of great folks - including Jude and Elanor!

Oh - and Michael brought his pups -

And I was totally diggin Fezzik - and he was diggin me!

Thanks to Dwayne and everyone at Aubuchon in Dover for a great day!

Saturday night we chilled at the house, and I was back out on Sunday morning early-

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Can you blame me? Nubble Light was the subject and the sunrise was beautiful!

Then it was Pats time - and dinner with my parents over.

So - Im ready for bed. Don't know about you......but I gotta get up early!!! (grrrrrrrrrr!) haha-

Hope you had a good one -


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