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My Weekend: Godsmack, Yard Work, Brews N Boos, Mom & The Pats


THAT was a weekend. I mean, it was non stop and kind of exhausting (haha- ) but it was fun!

As much as I LOVE a weekend with nothing on the schedule - I also like a weekend that never stops moving, and this one was the latter.

It started with the Godsmack/Extreme show. I was pumped for it too! Everytime I've seen them, they just seem to get better and tighter than the time before - and that's saying something!

Roadkill and I watched the show from a suite with Bernie, our auction winner - and some of his friends. We also brought them backstage to meet Godsmack!

And then Roadkill and I did one that was like a classic "Don't Smile In Rock Band PIcs" approach - haha

The show? It was awesome. Godsmack crushed it.

And there was quite a bit of pyro!

It was just an all round really good rock show.

So it was rock n roll till midnight, and then at 9am the new morning, I was out raking and blowing leaves and acorns in the yard....

Raked and blew leaves, cut down brush, trimmed bushes, mowed the lawn, then raked and blew acorns (an entire wheelbarrow full!). We finally stopped at 3pm

ps. Have i mentioned how much I f'n HATE acorns? They're like natures legos - just waiting for you to step on them in bare feet! Ugh!

Then it was time to get ready for the Brews and Boos party!

Valerie had to assist because, know - Im not big on costumes...haha

I went as an Emo guy. You know, the ones with black eye liner, black hair, black pants, shirts- everything, and they never liked anything, never liked doing anything for "the man", and loved bands like Rage Against the Machine, Ministry, The Cure and that kind of thing - haha...

And then I put a "G" on my shirt, and that made me an "Emo-G". Get it? "Emoji"!! (Dude- I cant help it! Im deep!! Haha- Im a thinker! - although my daughter thought it was stupid! haha)
The party was a blast - with lots of great folks and costumes!

GREAT party! Had a lot of fun talking and dancing with a ton of folks!

On Sunday morning we brought my parents out to breakfast- and after, my Mom asked if we could go do The Dollar Store.

Here's the conversation -

Me: "Sure. What do you need?"
Mom: "Halloween Cards!"
Me: "Mom, it's Tuesday- theres not enough time for people to get them!"
Mom: They're not for THIS YEAR, they're for NEXT YEAR!".

Me: Why are you buying them NOW?

Her: (incredulously) "THEY'RE A DOLLAR!"

And so we did. TEN of em.

Remember, kids- You never argue with your Mom in the Dollar Store

Then it was on to watching the Pats and have dinner with our friends Dave and Jolene.

And moose was on the menu!

Hope you had a good weekend!


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