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Pics from The Buzz St Patricks Day Party!

Just got back from the Buzz St Pattys Day party at Filotimo Casino in Manchester and wanted to throw some pics up here before I got too drunk and passed out!

Haha- nah- not really. Just wanted to post the ones I got -

Had a fun time with tons of folks! We hung out and chatted, played some games, did some gambling, had some Tullamore Dew Whiskeys, hung out and chatted, played more games, won some money on the roulette table that Laura was running and more - So here we go

Started the morning off with resident bagpipe player James Rennie kicking the day off.

While Roadkill was threatening me to stay away from the whiskey.....

Heres some of the folks that we met and hung out with !

Great shot of Roadkill (above). Probably the best pic I've ever seen of him!!! haha

Laura did a great job running the roulette table (she's officially licensed now) and I even walked away with a bunch of money in my pocket! (Note: never divulge how much you win).

And she also did some double timing as a chair dancer.....

Fun time today!

Thanks to all of you who came out!

Happy St Patricks Day!


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