Swim Time!! Woman Throws Baby in Pool

This video came out last week and part of the world lost their mind...

The Mom is now getting death threats - because, well- that's what a-holes do nowadays. See something you don't like or don't understand? THREATEN TO KILL EM!!!

Ok, sure- it's a little unsettling seeing the woman toss an infant into a pool. It goes against everything your brain tells you - BUT- look at the kid when he comes back to the surface! He's not crying! He's chill!

Now look- Im not saying I could do this -BUT - he just spent 9 months in water before he was born, and MAYBE there's something to the thinking that babies might know more than we give them credit for!

This isn't rec time at a pool- it's an INFANT SURVIVAL CLASS!

You can read more about it HERE .


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