The Meeting Faces of Kelly Brown: 5-9-22 Edition

Another Monday, another wonderful viewing experience watching the many faces of Kelly Charles Brown III, during our weekly meeting.

It's like watching a kaleidoscope of emotions, rolling over the landscape of the chiseled face on KCB3.

And it's like being drawn into a trance you can not shake free of...

It's both terrifying, and beautiful at the same time, like you're dangling on the edge of a cliff. Part of you wants to hold on and climb back up, while the other wants to give in - and let go.

You feel what I'm saying, I know...

But just look at these...

It's a smorgasbord of beauty, isn't it?

Moving from top left, clockwise- look at the scowl in the first picture! The man is fantasizing about ripping the jugular artery out of the throat of our OM, T-Bone.

T Bone would never know what hit him...... poor guy.

And in photo number three, someone has made the grave mistake of insulting Kelly's impressive intellect. I think he's thinking - "Do I eviscerate them and make them cry, and forever wallow in their failure? OR - do I just take the high road and just write something stupid on their water bottle- like, "I have sex with animals"? Decisions, decisions.

But that's the life of Kelly Brown.

In the lower left, Kelly is dreaming about a cold beer, preferably craft beer, thank you very much. You can just keep that skunk piss light beer shit away from him.......

And lastly- the Kelly Brown Classic - "HOW DUMB IS THIS F****** GUY????"" look. It was perfected over his many years of dealing with bookies and gamblers alike.

And that's just a small sample of the meeting faces we see every week.

Heres just a couple more...

In this photo, Kelly thinks his penis moved, all by itself. Matter of fact, it may indeed even be talking to him right now. Telepathically, Kelly is clearly telling his penis to "Stand Down, Hank". "Hank" is the name Kelly gave his penis ("Pandy" - the name he SAID he called it when he talked about it on the air- was just a ruse to throw us all off!). He sometimes adds "the Tank" to it, but only in the privacy of his bedroom. And sometimes the kitchen. But that's another story entirely.

And lastly - Kelly is going to slap Hank on the front of his one eye......because he's clearly distracting Kelly, and Kelly needs to concentrate on what's being said by our OM.

Because Kelly Charles Brown III, is nothing if not a hard working son of a bitch.



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