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My Weekend: Skunked, Pizza, Kellys Balls, Dads, and a Chainsaw on a Stick

Any 3 day weekend is a GREAT weekend. I don't even care if it was cold the first two days- it was awesome just the same.

I will say - it started out like crap. Got up at 3:30a on Saturday to make the trek up to Quechee Vermont for the Balloon Festival there. Beautiful town and area, and the festival is pretty cool for photography. So I drive my tired ass up there - and get there a little early (5:30a). Its overcast, but there is no wind. On the ground, that is. Fifteen minutes later, I hear the P.A. guy say "Yeahhhhh, it's a little windy up there, so there won't be any balloon flights unless that changes."


That whole drive for nothing. This was my face....

So, I pivot and decide Im going to drive another 50 minutes to the Sugar Hill NH area to go looking for bear! It's another beautiful area and they have a healthy bear population there - so maybe I'll get lucky.

I didn't.

Double f***. Ugh. I did see one but wasnt able to get a good shot at it, so after 6 hrs of being on the road and searching everywhere for soemthing to shoot that I hadnt shot before, I returned home: with nothing. Triple F***.

Got home about 12:30p, just in time to help Valerie with her raised gardens in the back yard. She's been doing it since Covid hit and she loves it.

Afterward, Valerie and I headed to the Bratskellar Pizza Place. Its the home of my favorite pizza, and Kelly was working - so its a win win.

The pizza, as always we delicious-

But Kelly was nowhere in sight. So I texted him. Disregard the spelling error in "Brat" - and focus on Kellys answer:

He. Is. Hilarious. Mostly because he was absolutely telling the truth. Classic Kelly Brown.

Sunday was Fathers Day, and it was awesome- had breakfast with my Dad and my brother David-

Then later, a 3 hour dinner with Valerie and the kids - and - since I get to choose on Fathers Day- you know what I called for...

Steamers and Lobsters, baby! (Thanks to Tides Seafood in Rochester- awesome seafood and awesome folks!)

It was a great Fathers Day....

And check this- one of the gifts I got for FD? Well it's pretty friggin spectacular for me-


I know, some call it a Pole Chainsaw. I just like CHAINSAW ON A STICK better. Sounds more rednecky dangerous! haha -

And lastly - I did get to see a small bird chase a bald eagle....and actually catch up to it!

Pretty cool.

So thats it. Hope you had a good weekend, and for all you Dads' - I hope you had a nice Fathers Day...


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