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My Instafest Results- I Call BULLS***!

I don't normally get sucked into these things.....


The Instafest app takes your listening habits on Spotify (and other platforms) and breaks what you've listened to most in the last year - and turns it into a 3 day music festival.

If you look at mine- you can see Im kind of all over the place with what I listen to -

As you can see- The Ghost of Paul Revere is the headliner for me. Of course, that cant really happened because they disbanded earlier this year (but Im secretly hoping for a reunion!) - but thats pretty on point for what I've listened to most. Same goes for Adam Ezra Group.

But after that- it gets a little sketchy for me. True, I love James Taylor, but I haven't played him enough to make it to my top 10 of the year! Same with JJ Grey, The Stray Birds or the rest of the first day list. (The only exception being Supertramp. Still - one of my favorite bands ever).

Day 2 - Elvis Presley? Um -yeah, I made an Elvis playlst after seeing the movie- but ain't no way thats a headliner. And OVER the f'n BEATLES? Are you HIGH? Not a chance in Holy Hell! As for the rest of Day 2- I do love em all - but there is NO WAY John Mayer gets higher billing that BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN or BRIAN WILSON! GTFO!

And Day 3 - another debacle!! Again- I do love all of the artists on that day - but seriously? The Hollow Coves (a band my daughter turned me on to thats really good) headlines OVER FRANK SINATRA? Whoever made that algorithm should burn in the fiery depths of hell. Period.

Granted- yes I have listened to all of the artists on the app list - but their ranking of what I listened to most is wayyyy off.

But - what do you expect from stuff like this?

I mean, other than the fact that the friggin Russians now have all my friggin personal info-

Prolly ordering up furry hats on my credit card right now...


Love you,

Mean it.


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