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My Weekend: Distillery-Brew Tour, Hockey, Pancakes, & The White Mountains

Well that was a pretty busy weekend, right there!

Of course it started with THIS CRAZINESS!

It had been 3 years since we've done the St Pats Party- and man, did we miss it! Thanks to everybody that came out, and thanks to the Filotimo Casino who helped make it more fun by letting Laura run the Roulette Table! We all had a blast and I hope you did too! But I gotta tell ya- come 10am - I was exhausted! Haha- Thats a fast paced 4.5 hours that is completely non-stop for us! And thats not a complaint- I wouldnt have it any other way! But when it's over- Im ready to plant my ass in a seat for a while!!!

Later that day, Valerie and I continued our Brew Tour 23 with our friends Lorraine and Gary. We ended up in Wells ME at a Distillery first- it's a place called THE BEVY. Its a Gin joint- and since Im not a gin guy- I opted for a Mule, and Valerie got some other drink I'd never heard of.

And oh yeah- The Bevy has a Pizza Food Truck right outside the place- and it's VERY GOOD!

C'mon! That's a great looking pie, ain't it????

We weren't done yet, however- and we hit Corner Point Brewery just across the river from our hometown on the way home...haha..

Yeah- I don't even KNOW MYSELF anymore!!! Haha- actually its just a fun way to start the weekend. So i went from a non -drinker, to a once a weeker!

On Saturday I was behind the bench, assistant coaching for TEAM POLICE at the CHaD BATTLE OF THE BADGES HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP! Its the 15th year of the event between Team Police and Team Fire- and they've raised over $3.1 MILLION for Childrens Hospital at Dartmouth! And this years PRESENTING SPONSOR? My buddy ELIOT PERRY - and his ELIOT PERRY FOUNDATION!

This amazing young man is not only a patient at CHaD, he's the head of a fundraising foundation that presented a $20,000.00 check to them before the start of the game! That's money he (with help from his awesome Mom and Dad) raised on their own!

And look who else I met?? Todd Angilly- the anthem singer for the Boston Bruins! Wicked nice guy! He sang before the CHAD game!

And by the way - Team Police won the game 5-1. It was a fun day that raised a lot of money for CHaD and helped a lot of families!

Saturday night was a chill night, because I was getting up early to head to the White Mountains. And of course- no trip through The WMNF and places like Sugar Hill is complete unless you stop here:

One of my favorite breakfast spots in NH- Polly's Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill.

I'll have the apple cinnamon and blueberry pancakes, please.

And ps - the folks there are awesome. Great staff! (Plus- a special "Hi" to the listeners that I met there on Sunday morning!)

The morning up in the Whites turned out to be pretty blustery.....

The sunrise was a bust, but some of the windswept landscape shows felt kind of cool....

Here's a look at Cannon Mt and more from the top of Sugar Hill.

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Along the Kancamagus Highway - have you ever heard of the Heart Shaped Tree?

It's in the Hancock Overlook, in the middle of the hairpin turn on the Kanc. If you look straight at this tree - you'd never know, but if you go off to the right and turn back to see it- you can clearly see it's shaped like a heart!

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I've photographed it in Fall, but never in Winter. I wanted to show it in it's barest form. I love bare trees. They're so much more dramatic than they are in the summer season. Fall- however- is tough to beat. And last but not least- I saw this guy along the Ammonussoc River near Mt Washington. Someone built him on a railing of a walking bridge, and I thought he needed a little attention - so I gave him some....

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Then it was home for dinner with the fam.

Hope you guys had a good weekend. Can we all just take tomorrow off so we can just chill at home??? hahah -


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