Kretchy and Roadkill Visit Harding Metals in Northwood!

Harding Metals is the sponsor of The Morning Buzz Autumn Ale this year. They're a metal recycling facility in Northwood that does a MASSIVE amount of work EVERY DAY! They recycle 10 MILLION lbs of scrap material a month, and they're one of New Englands largest family owned recycling facilities! We got the tour from Eds and Jameson and it was amazing to see what they do, how MUCH they do, and how they do it!

They'll take stuff like this-

And compact it down to THIS-

And Im pretty sure those weigh about a GAZILLION pounds per block!

So - to give you a view behind the scenes- we did a little video for ya - check it ou!

Thanks to Eds, Jameson, Ryan and Joe for being such gracious hosts! Roadkill and I had a blast!

You can learn about them by clicking HERE !

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