My Weekend: Dinner w/Friends at a Favorite Spot, Hanging with Scal, & Pics

So my weekend? It was good. How was yours? Great to hear that!

FYI- Friday is the only day I get out of the station at 10:01am. Period. Im outta there. Management asks for meetings or stuff after 10am, speak to the hand because Im a ghost. My reasoning is that I start work on Sunday afternoon. Thats not a complaint, it's just a fact. So - I think it's fair to take back half of Friday, don't you? So - POOF! Kretchy (and the others) bug out ASAP after the show.

I did - however - work from home most of the day after that on a project I can't talk about now -but will tell you about soon!

Friday night - our Brew Tour friends (Gary and Lorraine) headed out with us and we didn't end up at a brewery this time- we ended up at Valerie and my favorite restaurant. We've been going there for 15 years and we love it, and the owners Javier and Dana. It's in Perkins Cove in Ogunquit and its called MC PERKINS COVE. The food is excellent and the service is as well. Here, I'll whet your appetite -

Thats a photo I took of what i ordered on Friday night, out on the back deck over looking the ocean. (I realize that not everyone likes lobster, to which I would only ask- "Are you a communist??")

Valerie and I went there on Valentines Day about 15 years ago - when Javier was a server. That's how we met him, and we haven't missed a year since. Javier is now the owner along with Dana and are the nicest folks you'll find in the restaurant biz! Everytime we go there, it feels like going home for us. (And no - I don't get anything for saying any of this- Im saying it simply because it's true).

I saw something Friday night when we were walking around the cove- that caught my eye. So much so - I knew I would be back there within hours (at 4:45am, to be exact) with the camera.

This tiny dinghy (for the uninitiated, that's a small boat fishermen/women use to get out to their larger boat, buoyed in the harbor) caught my eye and I wanted to shoot it. So I did...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I loved that one little boat. And I made the image black and white because it just felt more stark. All the other boats in the cove , on the other side of the bridge, looked like they were looking out at it. And I dug that.

And as daylight approached, I hit the other side of that bridge for this shot -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

It's a beautiful spot, that's for sure.

Saturday Valerie and I went out in search of stools for our kitchen counter. And here's a question -

WHEN THE F*** DID BARSTOOLS GET SOOOOOO FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE?????? Holy crap! ONE chair we saw listed for $900 PER CHAIR! Im like - "For 900 bucks that chair better give out free happy endings!". Neither Valerie OR the sales person thought that was funny. (I did though...haha)

Needless to say- we didn't buy any. The search goes on.

Sunday morning I worked the SEACOAST CANCER 5K RUN/WALK with our friends at Wentworth Douglass Hospital - and got to hang with my buddy Scal!

The White Mamba is like the Mayor of Celtics Town, without question! Everybody loves Scal, and rightfully so. Always great to hang with him and support the 1700 folks who came out to support cancer research and patient and family support!

Sunday- Valerie was getting ready to shut the garden down. Here she's picking that last of the tomatoes we got.

It was pretty good garden summer for us- we had green beans, tomatoes, cukes and lettuce and peppers!

And Sunday afternoon was lazy for us, so I chilled and watched the Patriots win their first of the season -

So lets end it on that good note.

Hope you all had a good weekend too. Im hitting the rack. 3:15am comes pretty early- hahah


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