Farmers Jailed For Smuggling Danish Pig Semen in Shampoo Bottles

Two pig farmers in Western Australia will be sent to jail after being convicted of illegally importing Danish pig semen concealed in, of all things, shampoo bottles. Both are facing 2-3 years in jail after pleading guilty to breaching quarantine and biosecurity laws. Who'd have though the Danish have some of the tasty hogs on the planet, so good it's worth going to jail over. If this was here in the states, I imagine you'd have to take a stupid amount of trips back and forth due to the amount of liquids in bottle you can take at a time.

From Guardian Article:

"The Perth district court was told boar semen had been illegally imported from Denmark multiple times between May 2009 and March 2017. The semen was used in GD Pork’s artificial breeding program and several breeding sows were direct offspring of Danish boars. Federal agriculture minister Bridget McKenzie said breaches of biosecurity laws would not be tolerated. “This case shows a disturbing disregard for the laws that protect the livelihoods of Australia’s 2,700 pork producers, and the quality of the pork that millions of Australians enjoy each year,” McKenzie said. “GD Pork imported the semen illegally in an attempt to get an unfair advantage over its competitors, through new genetics.”"


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