Colorado Woman Steals Police Car, Crashes It

It's never advisable to steal a police car. But if you do, at least return it one piece. Apparently, a Colorado Springs woman was unaware of this unwritten rule when police responded to a disturbance at her home Saturday night. When responding officers were knocking on the door, the resident -- later identified as Crystal Grondahl -- climbed into their police cruiser and sped off, according to her arrest report. Fortunately for the cops, locating the stolen vehicle didn't take a whole lot of effort. After receiving a call from a hospital located about two miles away, police found a twisted heap of metal that used to be their patrol car sitting in front of the facility. Grondahl jumped out of the crushed vehicle and tried to run, but the officers were able to nab her. Police say they have no idea what caused the crash to occur; they found no damage to any other vehicle or property near the crash scene. Should these officers be punished for leaving their car open to a thief? What crimes should this woman be charged with?

Photo: CBS Denver


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