Weeks of pictures!

Well, December 22nd was a very icy morning and I was hit hard. I went to the hospital and I had a CT scan and everything was ok, but I was so sore and my head was bruised and swollen. I hit the steering wheel with my head and my right side of head and jaw were pretty messed up. I was really sad to see my car and if you know me I drive my cars to the ground and this car wasn't even payed off! Oh well, at least I am okay. During the hospital visit and the next couple days all I could think of was the fact that Jeff and I were surprising the kids on Christmas morning with a trip to Universal Studios and Disney! I wasn't going to let this crash ruin our big surprise.

We hosted Christmas eve like normal and on Christmas morning we had the kids open two big boxes and each of them had their suitcases packed, tickets and maps of Universal and Disney parks. Dylan was so excited and Parker was so not excited to leave on Christmas day, by the time we got to the airport he was good but boy it was not the reaction we were hoping for at first. His exact words, "Not today! We're not going to Florida today!"

We stayed at Universal Surfside Resort and it was very nice. The day after Christmas we headed to Universal Studios and started our day of fun. I was still so sore from whiplash and my head was still bruised and swollen so I took it easy as much as I could. On Monday, we spent the day at the pool and did a round of mini golf but no rides. My brain was still a mess. Tuesday we did Universal Island of Adventure. Wednesday and Thursday we did the Disney Parks. We made to all the parks except Epcot. Just not enough time in the week. Parker is a huge Harry Potter fan and we did the Fast Pass on one day of our Universal trip so that was a plus. As for Disney we didn't enjoy ourselves as much. We still had fun but the genie plus is a horrible way to go through a park. The entire day I had to be on my phone making a reservation for the next ride. Some rides we had to wait for 6 hours before we could even get a reservation for it. Our vacation was still very nice and I hope the kids remember it forever because I am not sure it will be in our plans for many more years if ever, haha! We headed home on New Year's Eve and enjoyed bringing in the New Year with our friend's and family. The last couple of days I just have been handling insurance crap! What a hassle and if anyone needs a new car you might want to hold off!

I hope if you got any time off you enjoyed yourself! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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