Update After My First Session

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since my first session of ThermiVa at Inner Balance Pelvic Health and Wellness Center in Newington, NH and I am happy to say I feel like I am 70% fixed!   After only one session my results have been amazing!  I can do at least 25 jumping jacks without leaking and I have been running since about 2 hours after my first session and I have noticed a difference after my runs too.  I used to wear a small pad on all my runs and workouts and now I am down to a pantyliner.  I am excited to get my next two sessions completed.  I am really confident that this was the answer for me!  No downtime, no pain, no Anesthesia.  

Dr. Colene Arnold and Leslie Parker can explain the many other benefits of ThermiVa, feel free to contact them for a complementary consultation.  If you are postmenopausal and experience pain during sex, ThermiVa can help by increasing new collagen production, improved blood flow, which will increase natural lubrication.  With the increased blood flow, ThermiVa also enhances sensation improving orgasm.  It has even been shown to help women who have been unable to have orgasms. 



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