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Washington Restaurant Named Among America's Best Cheap Places To Eat

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Inflation has affected everything from the cost of living to leisurely activities. Restaurants are no different as they are forced to raise their menu prices to keep up with skyrocketing costs. Despite this, there are still plenty of eateries selling affordable and delicious meals.

USA Today scoured through data to round up the cheapest places to eat in the country. The website explained how the research was done:

"In August 2023, we analyzed Google ratings of 28,000 budget-friendly restaurants across 50 U.S. cities. We considered everything from major fast food chains to mom-and-pop joints slinging American comfort food, from coast to coast. The only qualifiers are that a restaurant has to be designated as one dollar sign on Google’s cost scale and have 200+ reviews."

A Mediterranean restaurant in Seattle ranked in the Top 30: Gyro Saj! Some of their most popular options include chicken shawarma, the classic chicken gyro, and “choclava.”

Here are the Top 10 best places for budget eats in America:

  1. Mickey’s Subs (Tampa, Florida)
  2. Tacos 19 (Miami, Florida)
  3. Teatopia (St. Louis, Missouri)
  4. Tampa Bay Empanadas (Tampa, Florida)
  5. Cajou - A Plant-Based Creamery & Cafe (Baltimore, Maryland)
  6. Blues City Deli (St. Louis, Missouri)
  7. Varasano’s Pizzeria - Buckhead (Atlanta, Georgia)
  8. Mediterranean Deli (Orlando, Florida)
  9. Tacos Don Gera (Texas)
  10. Czerw's Polish Kielbasa (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Check out the full report on USA Today's website.

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