March 21,1952. The First Rock and Roll Show In History

If you ever wondered why the Rock n Hall of Fame is in Cleveland this is the reason!  It's all thanks to a Cleveland radio jock man named Alan Freed.  

Back in one of my first broadcasting classes in college (and when my hair was more curly) my radio professor, Alan Frank (yes the man who put on this show and the man who got me into radio have very similar's scary but awesome) had us watch movies, listen to audio from this show, and gave us a full on history of the early days of Rock and Roll.  It was considered the "devil's music" and it "corrupted the youth". With all that noise, no one thought it should be played....let alone have an entire concert to celebrate it.  Well, because of fans and many counterfeit tickets, this concert proved that there was a following and paved the way for format to live on and evolve into what we have today.  Looking back, I believe it was because of that class I got the radio bug and I thank Alan Frank for that one.  So on this day, March 21, 2018, we raise a glass and say happy freakin' birthday Rock n Roll.  



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