What Are The Infinity Stones? I'll Try To Sum It Up....


In the comics they were called Infinity Gems, but stones just sound cooler, right?   There are six of them and have appeared as a building block of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe to set up this massive team up. They are concentrated pieces of the galaxy and whoever holds them can really do some damage. Here they are: 

  • Space Stone - First seen in Captain America: First Avenger.  This stone allows the user to travel anywhere in space.  Think of it as door in your pocket! 
  • Mind Stone - Avengers: Age of Ultron and currently keeping Vision alive.  The stone has the ability to enhance the users mind.  Can also be used to manipulate images and dreams in others.    
  • Reality Stone - Thor: The Dark World. Similar properties like the Mind Stone but this little red stone can warp reality and disorientate the users opponents. 
  • Power Stone - This stone drops in Guardians of the Galaxy (along with Star Lords dancing).  This stone intensifies energy that can be used like a laser. Also makes the user physically stronger.  
  • Time Stone: First seen over and over again in Doctor Strange. Allows the user to time travel to past, present, and future.  Also can speed up or slow down real time.  

and finally 

  • Soul Stone: has the ability to steal, manipulate, control, and alter any souls, dead or alive. Will it be in Avengers: Infinity War? At the time of this post I have not seen the movie...)

This whole thing is based off a 1991 six issue cross over event called Infinity Gauntlet which introduced Thanos, the gems (or stones...), and the concept that no one in the Marvel comics is safe from this event.  It continues to be one of Marvel's best sellers.  It's the run of the mill story arc.  There are powerful objects, evil person wants them, good guys need to stop that, and cue a big epic battle.  In the movies, Thanos wants them to control the universe.  In the comics he wanted them to impress the love of his life. (Controlling the universe should be the goal but impressing his girlfriend is more important. Man, for a evil overlord this guy is whipped!).  

Avengers: Infinity War comes out TONIGHT April 26th with an untitled sequel for May 2019.  Oh and it's almost 3 hours long....better take a bathroom break BEFORE the movie.   

PS...for those who just want to see Chris Pratt and the stones/gems explained...here is a clip from Guardians of the Galaxy.  

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