It's Latest Geek Freak of the Week!

As the Joker said in the The Dark Knight: "and here we....GO!"

STUDIO WARS: Episode X: The Cable Bid Rises.  I guess this takes top spot but it looks like Comcast is trying to outbid Disney for 20th Century Fox.  Comcast wants to go in with an all cash bid that makes the Disney deal look like last night's leftovers.  

If Comcast wins, 20th Century would be under the control of Universal Studios, which ironically owns the movie distribution rights to both The Hulk  and The Incredible Hulk.   That story goes back to when Marvel (before they were acquired by Disney) sold them the rights to the movies.  Either way, it looks like The X-Men, Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, and Silver Surfer are still up for grabs!  

My theory: even if Comcast does get 20th Century they will sell the rights back to Marvel/Disney.  But no chance they get a hold of the Star Wars properties, I have a feeling Comcast wants those!  

OK now to what I was excited the most for all week... 


If I run into you in the future, you will probably notice that I had gained some weight.  Well it’s true….because freaking Power Rangers collectibles are now at Burger King! To celebrate it’s 25 year run, the burger giant will release the five original power ranger toys in the kids meals. No word on when it will start or even if Tommy the Green Ranger will be introduced.  Needless to say, I am going to be buying a lot of Burger King in the very near future! 

Speaking of Power Rangers...the next season, called Beast Morphers” had some fans excited.  Saban Brands was at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas for a licensing expo and the new season took center stage ( was in the center part of the building…I think!) Anyways...some details (which are here) were revealed regarding what plots and secondary characters will be used from the Japanese version including some artwork and props.  The new trailer and cast will be announced this August during Power Morphicon in California. 

SOLO: A Star Wars Story has opened! So...uhmmm GO SEE IT! 

James Mangold, the writer and director of Logan, has been picked to write and direct a Boba Fett movie.  

Spider-Man sequel is in the works even though Peter Parker is dead right now thanks to Thanos...but it’s being reported that Jake Gyllenhaal has been cast as Mysterio!  It’s also being reported that Michael Keaton’s “Vulture” will also be returning to the sequel.  

Going back to that Licensing Expo….Warner Brothers and DC revealed Zachari Livy as Shazam. And to be honest, it’s a suit we would all recognize from the comics.  Is DC getting smarter about their choices?  

That's all for now....I'm Maz with your Geek Freak of the Week! (brought to you by no one) 



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