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 According to HASBRO’s CEO.  The toy giant bought ALL of the Power Rangers brands so a new movie/sequel/reboot was expected.  Personally, I am hoping for a sequel to the 2017 film and from how the internet is reacting, they all want the same thing.  Will it be Marvel level? Nah, but will Hasbro make movies for the hell of it like it did for Transformers...YOU BETCHA! 

Studio Wars Continue

20th Century Fox stated that on July 10th its shareholders would vote on the Disney deal that was offered.  Could Comcast come in at the last second and sweeten the pot so they can get in on some of the action? Probably.  But for now...we have to wait and twiddle our thumbs until next month.    

Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t do what they expected but still has a decent opening weekend.  However, this weekend is make or break for it.  Did we need another Star Wars movie this soon? Nope. Did we get one? Yup.  Disney seems to be milking this franchise for every drop.  Remember though: fans asked for this film and Disney did deliver.  So whose fault is it really?  

Speaking of Star Wars.  The working title for Episode 9 has changed!  It's now trIXie! It's a lot of nothing because the movie won't be out until December 2019 so we won't even get a title until at least January.  

Jamie Foxx has been cast as Spawn.  

This marks his second time he will be in a comic book film.  His first was Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. 

Now that Rosanne got canned

Many Marvel fans have been pushing for a Agent Carter revival.  Chances of that happening are slim to none.  But this is the show they should consider rebooting

Netflix is getting into the comic book world.  

It’s new series “The Magic Order” trailer is out.  It looks like if Watchmen and Harry Potter had a love child this is what it would look like. 

Looks like Toothless is getting a girlfriend!  

DreamWorks Animation released the new How To Train Your Dragon 3 aka The Hidden World poster and there is a similar looking female dragon that Toothless is gazing his eyes into.  Ah dragon love!  See it here! 


Apparently security is so tight on the show that scripts are being sent digitally for certain "eyes only" and then deleted/wiped away from computers and servers. Yup...see that story here! With that said...still no word on when the next season will come out or a trailer.  Until then, we wait.  

And finally.....some Wonder Woman talk.  Director of the sequel, Patty Jenkins, Geoff Johns of DC, and DCEU Twitter posted this today!   


Since Wonder Woman 2 will take place in 1984 let's see if Dianna will sport her leather jacket like she did in some Wonder Woman comics!  

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I’m Maz and that’s your geek freak of the week! (brought to you by no one) 



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