A Jammed Packed Geek Freak of the Week!

Studio Wars: Disney Wins

Comcast just couldn’t compete with the mouse. 20th Century Fox is now a Disney Property.  I could go on and on but we all knew they would win and now we just sit back and wait for the reboots of X-Men, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer and more! 

Form LEGO Voltron! 

This has to be on the largest Lego creation EVER!  CHECK IT OUT!  Now if only they could get it so the lego's could transform on its own like they do on the TV shows.  


DC Universe Has Arrived! 

As reported on Thursday; it's the combo of movies, TV shows (including original), and movies.  The price….well, still kinda waiting on that one! Just have your credit cards ready.  


Digimon Funkos! 

Now I have the season one theme song stuck in my head! 

In all honestly, when this was announced I had no idea how they were going to do it with all the characters the franchise has.  Looks like they are just sticking with the first season with just a few characters. (PS...look at their hands, their digivices are powered up colors!  Love that detail!)


Jessica Jones Goes To The Directors Chair!  

She’s taking on a few episodes in Season 3! I wonder what kind of director Krysten Ritter will be? If she doesn’t get the scene she wants will she punch the actor into oblivion? More info here!   


Well...Kristen Wiig actually. She's not in villain mode just yet but director Patty Jenkins is giving us a tease!  I do have one thing to point out.  Her character is named "cheetah" and yet I think she is looking at a lion? Hmmm.....



Did you miss the announcement made by Spider-Man himself for the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming?  Well...here it is.  (for the record...I HATE IT!)


Speaking of Spider-Man...there is a villain spin-off movie being made!  Jared Leto has signed up to play the vampire Morbius! Don't know who he is?  Below is a clip from the 90's animated series.  

Jared Leto also stated that this will not interfere with his role as the Joker for the next Suicide Squad movie.  (yes...they are still saying that will be made).  

Jared Leto now joins the club of several other actors who have been in both Marvel and DC films.  Full list is here!  



As we all know, HASBRO bought everything Power Rangers, from TV show to toys.  The old company Bandai is re-releasing most of the toys before HASBRO takes them all.  So, was today payday for you? GOOD! GO GET EM HERE!  Just for fun watch the old toy commercials from back in the day! 


More nerd news coming next week!  

I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! (brought to you by no one!)



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