Drums Please! Your Geek Freak of the Week Has Arrived!

I now pronounce you Batman and wife!  

Just kidding.  About a year ago we all saw it on the pages of Batman #24, he got on one knee and said "marry me" to Catwoman! And then a few issues later we got her answer.  You guessed it, she said yes!  But after a year engagement and story lines Selena just leaves Bruce at the alter with some speech "if you were happy you can't be Batman".  WHAT?! I guess we all knew Batman couldn't have true happiness.  The poor guy. 

That's not even the worst part....DC actually spoiled it for everyone BEFORE the comic was released.  Thanks DC...I'll keep that $3.99 that I was going to use on the download!   Below is Nerdist's take on it, which sums to up pretty well.  


Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp is now in theaters, kids!  Head out, watch, and enjoy.  Also, rumor has it that director Peyton Reed is interested in making a Fantastic Four film and is stating that he could use Ant-Man as a way to introduce Marvel's First Family. to the MCU.  Let's see how that goes! Click here for the details! 


If you like Transformers, Megazords, or Voltron then you have to like Gundam Mobile Suits! The series first debuted back in 1979 (almost 40 years...wow!) and has had many incarnations from TV series to manga's. Strap in and get ready because it's now going to take a shot at the big screen!  Read all the details here! 


In one week...Harry Potter returns to TV! 

Since leaving Freeform last year the excuse "I can't hang out, it's a Harry Potter weekend" doesn't work anymore...until now!  Starting July 13th both USA and SYFY networks will air Wizarding Weekends and give you a chance to return to the only school anyone has ever wanted to attend willingly.  Check out my previous post here to see when your favorite movie will play! 


From being a spy for the Russian mother land to a galaxy far far away!  Kerri Russell has joined the next Star Wars film. Let's just all say it...Rey's mom, right?! Or maybe a relative that can explain what happened to her parents and why she was left on Jakku. Now, even though the movie is still over a year away we still haven't even gotten a title yet.  JUST TELL US ALREADY!  


Is X-Men: Dark Phoenix in trouble? First the movie was pushed back and now it's in reshoots.  Does this have to do with Disney being the boss soon?  Are they going to connect it to the MCU? *INHALE* Nahh. According to Sophie Turner (Jean Grey/Dark Pheonix) it's just a few little things.  The movie is still set to be released February 14, 2019.  


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