Just to start things off....USA and SYFY are now playing Harry Potter all weekend long. GO! 


and now...more nerd nerds from around the nation! 

It comes all but once a year....

This time next week in San Diego it's the biggest event of the year...COMIC CON!  

Here is what we are expected to get: 

  • Aquaman trailer 
  • Shazam Trailer 
  • Breaking Bad Reunion (10 years)
  • Captain Marvel info
  • News regarding plots and characters for Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow
  •  and of course...Conan O'Brien presents Conan Con! 

They have live streaming from a variety of sources but I have always found IGN's pretty decent.  Here's a link to what they will be doing.  How To Watch Comic Con 2018

Suit Up!

Zachary Levi is ready to go as Shazam!  He's just getting himself ready with a can of soda first.  


Speaking of Shazam (and assuming you just watched the history video above) Djimon Hounsou has been cast as the all mighty and powerful Wizard! He's no stranger to superhero films....he was in Guardians of the Galaxy. 



Despite what your feelings are towards the Solo film....Lando is back!  Episode 9 has recruiting Bill Dee Williams.  Why?  Maybe Lando will return the hand Luke lost in his battle against Darth Vader!   


and yes...this was my reaction when I found out.  


Some Feel Good News

Gal Gadot showed up to a children's hospital sporting her Wonder Woman attire.  You see...there is some good in this world!  Full story and pictures here!

Oh and speaking of Wonder Woman...she's not suited up as Cheetah but we finally get to see Kristen Wiig embrace her superpowers a bit in this behind the scenes clip.  


The time has arrived!  

Marvel Studios has found a director for the Black Widow film! the winner...Cate Shortland.  She's from Australia and has directed Lore and Berlin Syndrome. Will it be an origin film or be another story? They could expand on what we saw in Age of Ultron.  No date announced yet. 


Deep breath....and trying to sound excited.  

Here is something I have been dreading to chat about.  It's true.  We are getting not one...but two Joker origin films.  I am a huge Batman fan. As a kid, I watched Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and Justice League religiously.  I went to the midnight showing of both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.  Plus, I have over a thousand Batman comics spanning from the 80's up to today's current story lines and I have to say...WE DON'T NEED A JOKER FILM! Let alone TWO!  

Fans have already settled on an's called The Killing Joke. (see video) So there...done, we don't need it.  PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO US! With that said....Joaquin Phoenix has been cast to play the Joker in one film while Jared Leto is in the other...and here's the story.  



Here are some great photos from the next Godzilla film!  

Seems the lizard king keeps getting re-invented in every movie.  


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I’m Maz and that’s your geek freak of the week! (brought to you by no one) 



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