Geek Freak of the Week Time!

Your weekly fix of the nerd news from around the nation.  Let's start off with some movie talk.  

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is my favorite film of the summer.  It. Was.Perfect.  All the Easter eggs, pop culture references, and the background details made this movie work.  You MUST go see it.  

Avengers: Infinity War is out on digital.  Coming to Blu Ray on Tuesday Aug 7th. 

Also flying in on that day is Death of Superman.  It's the next film from the DC Animated Movie Universe. Its sequel Reign of Superman will be out in 2019.    

More Popcorn To Meet The Eye

Remember when a Transformer movie was good?  In September for one night you can relive the original Transformers movie as it comes back to theaters!   It's happening nationwide in theaters on Thursday, September 27th at 7pm.  Maybe some events in this movie will be Easter eggs for the Bumblebee Movie coming out this December?  One can hope! 



New Venom trailer has arrived and if you just ate…well, I warned you!


And in the Spider-Man series from the 90's Venom had's freaky WITH them! 


Will Another Director Please Stand Up?

A few weeks ago Marvel and Disney fired Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn for tweets that surfaced from a few years ago.  This happened right before filming and prepping was to begin on the third installment which is due out in 2020.  The cast put on a message asking for James Gunn to be rehired on their social media and for fans to sign a pension, but it seems Marvel and Disney are firm with their decision.   Here are some names that are circulating that are rumored to be in talks with the Mouse for replacing Gunn. 


From Space to the Shire!

Star Trek meets Lord of the Rings! Did you ever think that would ever happen?  Amazon hires a few Star Trek 4 writers to work on their Lord of the Rings series.   Whose hoping for a cross over?!  

Read it here!

The Final One Arrives

We all love this wonder piece of shark crap but I can't be the only sad to see it go?  I loved this summer staple.  It arrived on SYFY at the end of the month! 


Dun un un un un un un New Batman Drama?! 

The solo Batman film directed by Matt Reeves is still causing debate on whether or not Batfleck will return.  But now it's taken another turn.  What comic will the movie be based on?  Rumors began circulating that it's going to be a take on Batman: Year One. However...that is what Batman Begins was based off of and fans quickly pointed that out.  Now Matt Reeves is saying he has other plans for the film. If they are going to do an "earlier" Batman film...why not Batman: Death in the Family.  The animated adaptation did great and it was already established in Dawn of Justice that there was a Robin.  So the deck is there...why not use it?  


Eat Cereal That Burns?!

According to this Buzzfeed News article that is true!  

It's called 'Dragon's Breath' and think about it, sounds awesome but this probably will cause some kind of internal burning since it's made with liquid nitrogen!  It does look appetizing though! 


Ready For More Digimon?

You better be! As Digimon Adventure Tri wraps up it seems the next chapter is underway.  Looks like a Digimon sequel film is being made for its 20th anniversary.  The difference for this one is that it's going to time jump a few years so our favorite heroes are older!  Is it just season 1 characters or are we going to get the 02 crew in this one?  Right idea.  But they have pictures of Tai and Matt and what they look like older.  CHECK IT OUT!  


That's all the nerd news from around the nation...I'm Maz and that's your geek freak of the week! 



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