Holy Blog Post, Batman! It's The Geek Freak of the Week!

Yes Robin, yes it is.  A lot of Bat-news as well! 

Who Is The Batman?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 

This has become the question of the year. Will it be Ben Affleck or not?  Apparently, Warner Brothers knows but the rest of us mere morals are not worthy enough to be told just yet.  There is an update in ways.  The solo caped crusader film "The Batman" will begin shooting in early 2019 with Ben Affleck producing.  So that clearly means he will be in it...right?  

There's more drama with this then a soap opera.  

Whatever happens, I think it's time Warner Brothers hangs up the cape when it comes to more movies with Batman.  We have had enough of the character (and this is coming from a guy who wore a Batman shirt to his own wedding).  It;s time for Bruce to slip into a cave for a while and come back when we really need him.  If this movie (or the next Justice League, if there ever is one) is truly an early exit for Bat-fleck (or any actor as Batman) let it be something like the video below.  


Introducing...The Batwoman! 

Ruby Rose (whose name already sounds like a comic book character) is going to dawn a cape and cowl for the CW as Batwoman for this years Arrowverse crossover that's going to swoop to TV screens this December.  Since the announcement broke the other day (and you can read the news here) Rose has been on a roller coaster of unfathomable emotions about being given this opportunity.  You can see that clearly while visiting Jimmy Fallon the other night while promoting her new film The Meg


Below is some concept art that the internet has already done to what she might look like as Batwoman. The big question is will she grow her hair out or will Rose wear a wig? In the comics and animated movies the character has worn wigs but maybe we will get something different this time.  

Of course, we won't know for sure until a teaser for the crossover is released.  Expect that around October or November.   



It's happening...FOR REAL! As reported the other day Hasbro released a statement from July stating that it has plans to move forward with another Power Rangers film.  Most thought reboot (like I did) but it looks like a sequel! 

I already touched upon it with another blog that you can check out here but to sum it up this is really good news for fans.  The 2017 film was not terrible.  It just wasn't "OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS THE NEXT FRANCHISE LIKE MARVEL" and blah blah blah.  Haim Saban (previous owner) really oversold it to Lionsgate Films and when they didn't get the numbers he promised, well, it was dead in the water.  Hasbro, seeing it's potential will carry the torch.  Fans do deserve this sequel.  It teased Tommy and we want to see Lord Zedd! 

PS...if this is anyway a joke I swear on Zordan's face I will take a dragon dagger, summon the Dragonzord and destroy the city!  

Coming To Theaters...HARRY POTTER 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie being released and reminders of Nicholas Flamel's arrival in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald you can catch up with all 9 films from the Wizarding World at Cinemark Theaters August 31-September 6.   You can either take your pick at which movie you want to see OR for $25 watch all in a row (with bathroom breaks I hope!).

Nearest Cinemark Theater is being built in Salem, NH so you'll have to go to Hadley, Mass for this.  It's a drive, but worth it!  You can get your passes here!

LOOK IN THE SKY! IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S....A Supergirl Movie? 

DAMN IT DC AND WARNER BROTHERS!  Okay, I get it.  You REALLY like creating multiple versions of your characters.  Just make it better than what you tried in 1984.  


Fury and Hill Make A Pit Stop

Coming to the friendly neighborhood that Spider-Man protects is Nick Fury and Maria Hill.  Both are set to have a part in the Web Sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home.  Could they be recruiting Spider-Man for a secret SHIELD mission?! This obviously proves that all three will come back from Thanos' little finger trick that he pulled in Infinity War.  Full story here

With the DC Universe streaming service coming to screen in the next few months one of their shows Doom Patrol has gone ahead and cast Joivan Wade as it's Cyborg.  This marks the third Cyborg in our lives.  First there's Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go version voiced by Khary Payton and then we saw the character make his big screen debut in Justice League played by Ray Fisher.  Will he a more serious one like Robin was in the Titans trailer we saw a few weeks ago?  Or will he be like Teen Titans Cyborg that we see here...


Feeling Blue...Again

I think he has it in his contract (or just some strange bucket list goals) that he play every blue cartoon character in existence.  Ben Schwartz will take on the role as Sonic in.....Sonic The Hedgehog Movie.  He already plays Leonardo in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dewey in Disney's DuckTales.  What's next...EVERY Smurf in the next Smurf Movie?  

On another note...does anyone remember the TV series?  


That's all the nerd news I am allowed to give today.  I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! (brought to you by no one)



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