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The Galaxy Needs The Doctor

Is this Rey's father? Po's brother? A new First Order General? Or one of the students that got away from Luke's new school of Jedi before Kylo Ren went all Darth Vader slashing like we saw in Rogue One? (hey, like grandfather like grandson)  

I love how every time they cast someone new for episode 9 its "KEY ROLE".  They are so messing with us. 

If his character has a light best be green like The Doctor's sonic screwdriver! 


The Next Generation of Jedi Take A Stand

Horrible situation.  There was a 10 year old from California who was punched and received a black eye by a bully. Instead of fighting back, he just let the bully have at it.  The kid claimed, fighting back was not the "Jedi way".  Got to give the kid credit for this one.  If it were me, and I had the force, I'd Jedi mind trick this bully into punching himself over and over again.  Mark Hamill took notice and gave the young Jedi his praise.  


Next In Line Please....

Alec Baldwin had this role for I think 2 days? On Wednesday it was announced he was no longer playing Dr. Thomas Wayne in the Joker origin film.  Are they dropping it or recasting? Unless the role is expanded upon, do we really need to see Dr. Wayne die...AGAIN?! 


Believe It When You See It

I want a Black Adam movie to happen...I really do.  But will it?  According to The Rock we don't need to hold our breaths because it's still happening.  Is there a set up in the Shazam movie next year to clarify things?  Who knows!  But let's take bets: which comes first...a Black Adam movie or that Power Rangers sequel we were told about? 


The NickToons Are Coming! The NickToons Are Coming!

Add another streaming service to your roster!  NickSplat aka the block at night that airs the old school Nicktoons we all grew up to love are coming to their own service for just $5.99 a month! The NickSplat came into our lives back in 2015 but it was on at 11pm and would run until 5am.  WHO WAS UP TO WATCH THAT?!  I am glad they are actually giving this format justice with it's own service.   

This move is to compete against Disney's new streaming service (rumored to be called Disney Play) that is coming out in 2019 and Warner Brothers DC-Universe.  

Read the full story from the tweet below! 


Animated Wakanda Forever! 

Because we couldn't get enough of our new favorite king.  Here is a look at the new Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest (damn that's a mouth full) that is coming to Disney XD! 


It's Morphin Time! 

Did you catch the 25th anniversary episode of Power Rangers?  You really don't need to know much outside of this epic fight!  Oh..and when that "master morpher" comes out...I am SO adding it to my collection! 


It's A Spider-Mess Of Things! 

Venom comes out October 5th, which is not far away.  Will our favorite wall crawler be in it? Probably not. However that's still the question everyone is asking...anyone know if Andrew Garfield is free for work?

  Oh...and the name of the Sony superhero universe has a name.  DRUM ROLL PLEASE!  


Introducing the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters, or the SUMC.  Will that be pronounced "Sum-Cee" or "Soo-Em-Cee?" Who knows....but it sounds like Sony is ready (again) for a superhero, or villain, universe to build upon.  


No Introduction Needed

This is awesome! 


Let's End On A High Note

Here is the final Predator trailer! September 14th all hell breaks loose.  


Enjoy your bbq's, fireworks, drinks, and friends.  Remember BE RESPONSIBLE THIS WEEKEND and toss out any white cloths on Tuesday.  See you next week for another Geek Freak of the Weeeeeek! (brought to you by no one) 



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