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From evil sorcerers to the new ladies of the rooftops of Gotham. Grab the popcorn as it's time yet again for the Geek Freak of the Week! 


Wands At The Ready! 

The final trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has arrived and reveals even more from its bag of tricks.  The biggest thing to see if the return (or introduction) or Nagini, the famed 7th holocraux and Voldemorts pet AS A HUMAN! We also see more of Grindelwald's intentions in this one and how Dumbledore plays a part of it.  


Some Good Bat-News Finally? 

After all the negative news we have heard regarding the DCEU/Worlds of DC, it be nice to hear something decent, right?  Well, according Comic Book Resources, it seems the suits over at Warner Brothers love what they saw in first script of director Matt Reeves' "The Batman".  No news yetr on a release date or if Ben Affleck will reprise the role.  A lot it up in the air right now.  



Probably the best thing to happen from Suicide Squad was Harley Quinn and now we have more light on this spin off.  Birds of Prey will fly into theaters February 7th, 2020 and feature Harley Quinn, Huntress, Black Canary, and more.  But who will play some of these characters?  SEE BELOW! 


Introducing The Birds of Prey.....

Mary Elizabeth Winstead aka Romana Flowers from Scott Pilgrim will trade in her sledge hammer for a crossbow as she will become The Huntress and Jurnee Smollett-Bell will warm up her vocal cords to scream loud as the Black Canary.  

Both characters have had run ins with Batman...but this movie will take place in Gotham but not feature the caped all.  Guess we'll have to see how they work around that.  


Cw Cross Over Gets A Name

Say what you want about CW's superhero shows but they really know how to show fans they care about the material with their cross-over titles.  

This years cross over will be called "Elseworlds".  Although that doesn't give us a lot of info about the plot it has some meaning.  Elseworlds began as a DC publication back in 1989 with Gotham by Gaslight.  It took Batman out of the regular continuity and tossed his world into Victorian times where he used make-shift gadgets at the time to fight off Jack the Ripper. It focused on Batman being a detective more then anything!   

It's fitting that they would use this title since this cross over will introduce Batwoman.  


X-Men No More?!

OK...let's talk about the elephant, well...phoenix in the room. First off...the date is now wrong, it was just announced on today...Friday, whenever you are reading this, that Fox has delayed this movies release (along with others) until June 2019. I'll give my reasoning below but the new trailer has finally arrived for the next X-Men story. Dark Phoenix tells the story of Jean Grey becoming engulfed by her powers and the Phoenix Force which begins to create havoc.  

Watch the trailer and the see what I have below.  


DID YOU WATCH IT?! Well, I hope you did or else what I am going to say will make no sense.  

  1. The date change...if we do the math here's what it could mean.  The next Avengers film is set to come out May 2019.  Dark Phoenix is now landing in June 2019.  The obvious guess is they are doing more re-shoots and they are going to set something up in Avengers so the X-Men can be interrogated.   
  2. No X-Men in the title? New approach to the movies or a Disney idea? Hmmm.....
  3. Looks like they took elements from X-Men The Last Stand, where Charles controls Jeans powers and no one likes that.  
  4. Magneto has his own camp/school now?  Is this the House of M story line that the rumors were suggesting to how the MCU would integrate the X-Men movies?  After the events of Avengers 4 Scarlet Witch goes there for refuge.  
  5. We see a funeral.  Is it for Mystique?  We hear Hank blame Charles for something, he could be depressed over her death because Mystique was the first person to really accept his powers and see who he was.  With Beast standing with Magneto it seems that be the only reason he would switch sides given what he and Charles have been through.  
  6. They go into space....but no sign of the Shi-ar characters.  Maybe save that for another trailer.  Now that X-Men is going to be part of the MCU it would be cool to see the Guardians of the Galaxy be involved since space is their domain.  
  7. The date change has to be cinnected to the next Avengers film, right? RIGHT?! 

and just for fun.  Someone took X-men Last Stand clips and edited them together to fit into Dark Phoenix trailer.  Watch and enjoy! 


Fellow Whovians...UNITE! 

Want to see the premier of the new Doctor on the big screen? The people at Fathom events think you should so they are playing the season premier for two nights at your local theater.  Link below to get tickets! Oh...and dressing up as your favorite Doctor isn't exactly a requirement but it's recommended.  


Nerd news is always happening!  Check by next week for another Geek Freak of the Week! (brought to you by no one...but seriously, if you want to sponsor this myself and my fellow nerds would love it!) 



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