Clean Up...Aisle 5. It's The Geek Freak of the Week

Happy October!  This weeks Geek Freak has so many trailers and previews it's going to make you wonder "how the hell did I not know about this?" That's what I said about one of'll see below.  And now...lets find our inner Leslie Knope and dive right in.  


O Captain! My Captain! 

Avengers 4 has officially wrapped up production and as long as the HYDRA agents stay clear it will be under SHIELD protection until the May 2019 release date.  It seems that we now know for sure that Chris Evans is officially hanging up his all-American shield for good.  


damn it, salute the guy....we'll miss him.  


Going To The Movies? 

Is some Venom on the menu this weekend?  The critics don't want some!  Rotten Tomatoes gave the anti-hero movie starring Tom Hardy a 29% rating.  Will that deter you from going? 


Sonic Screwdrivers Ready! 

Did you get your invite? At 1:45pm eastern you and all the other whovians can watch the premier together because BBC/BBC America will broadcast the premier episode GLOBALLY! 

But just in case you CAN'T watch the episode this Sunday (not like you've had any advance notice or anything) it will be on again for a two hour re-premier in its new time slot starting at 8pm on BBC America.  


Hellboy Is Back!

From the look of this tweet it seems like the design of the character for this reboot hasn't changed much from the first two movies.  The movie has been pushed back to April of 2019.  


This Is Bat-tastic News! 

So remember a few weeks back it was announced that the original Superman movies starring Christopher Reeves were going to be back in theaters this November for its 40th anniversary? To add to that glorious news Warner Brothers has decided to release Batman: Mask of the Phantasm around the same time in for its 25th anniversary! I have one thought.....TAKE MY MONEY!!!!


Titans...on Netflix?

I know...confusing right?'s the deal.  DCUniverse will be the US distributor while Netflix will stream the series internationally. That's most likely in response to Netflix losing all the Disney and Marvel movies next year.  Now...there's more news about the Titans....(see below)  


It Already Has A Second Season! 

The show hasn't even debuted yet but there is enough story and excitement that Warner Brothers has decided to move ahead and give the show a second season.  Will this mean more characters to arrive to join the Titans?  Superboy? Wondergirl? or maybe another Speedy? 


Meet The New Harley 

Alright, so I guess I missed this one. Kaley Cuoco is trading in her keys to Leonard's apartment for a cell at Arkham.  There is some credit I will give this trailer...they are telling the audience they will hate it because it's DC and the fans will automatically hate anything DC puts out because it's not "Marvel-like". Reverse physiology or just addressing the elephant in the room?  Batman's voice sounds familiar though...Diedrich Bader returns to voice the Dark Knight! At least in this trailer he did....He was the voice of our caped crusader in the Batman:The Brave and the Bold


All Hail The King!

Get ready to see our favorite sea dwellers in action.  Also...wait to the end for a more familiar look from Aquaman look. 


Just In Time For's Sabrina! 

Now that the show is on our doorsteps Netflix finally released a full trailer for the series and gave us some kind of plot.  We even get a glimpse at Salem the Cat! Get ready to binge on Friday, October 26th.


One Ticket To Hell's Kitchen Please 

So Daredevil is back...and he's a little ticked off.  Wouldn't you be?  

  1. Your mortal enemy has been released from prison and is now out to get you 
  2. Oh...and there is a impostor Daredevil running around framing you it seems.  

What else can go wrong?  See the trailer to find out.  


So this weekend is packed!  See you next Friday with another Geek Freak of the Week! 

(still brought to you by no one) 



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