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Another week has passed and it's time to geek out! So Happy Friday and here we go! 


Netflix Has Done It Again

Luke Cage has suffered the same fate as Iron Fist.  Our Harlem Hero is now the latest victim of a series of cancelations done by the streaming giant.  Before we start freaking out if DareDevil or Jessica Jones is next...don't be surprised.  This is a calculated move...I am willing to bet that Disney relaunches these series when they launch their own streaming service in 2019.  No one panic...there is still some time!  


New Doctor...New Night...New Opening Sequence! 

Do you like the new Doctor Who series? Here's a look at the all new opening.  Get ready for a trippy ride! 


Harry Potter > Flash

At this point The Flash TV show might be done before this movie ever speeds into theaters.  Looks like Ezra Miller is gearing up for the third Fantastic Beasts film so he has to trade in his red suit for a wand until that wraps.  Maybe a 2021 film isn't so bad, at least that means they have more time to work on the story?  (I hope)  


And speaking of the Crimson Comet....

What The...

CW is taking the whole Elseworld concept...literally! Barry is wearing the Green Arrow suit....ok, I see it.  But Oliver as the Flash? I feel uneasy looking at it.  This is one of many new photos from the upcoming crossover that will premier on the CW this December.  There's also a few others popping up around the internet that may or may not be real.  But here they are: there's one that has Oliver and Felicity swapped out.  Caitlin and Cisco switched powers and there's another with one with SuperGirl in it.  The one below is 100% authentic but the others seem to be fakes (give credit though to the level of detail if you do come across them).  Scroll below to see a familiar place.... 


If you wanted to know anything about this years crossover, just follow Stephen Amell on twitter.  All he does is post great photos from behind the scenes.  So...does this look familiar?  We're looking at Kent Farm.  Superman is in the crossover along with Lois Lane.  It would make sense that we finally took a trip to Kansas. Oh! Did you see the Black Superman suit? NO?! Click here to see.   

From what has been shown, this seems to be a very Supergirl heavy crossover. Now, it could just be that's what they are filming right now but since the other crossovers have taken place on Earth-1 it be nice to see Barry, Oliver, and the rest of the team on Supergirls turf for once.  I'm thrilled they are returning to to the Kent Farm.  A nice change of pace from the crazy city life we always see in these shows. 


Hi My Name Is......

Ever since Richard Grayson was introduced as Bruce Wayne's ward back in 1940 he's always been called Dick.  That's not a name that has aged very well.  From now on call him Ric Grayson.  This goes along with a story line in the comics where Nightwing is shot and has a new reflection on life; so with that comes a name change.    I wonder if Ric will stick?  (ha...see what I did there) 


In Another Multiverse It Did

I remember when the two parter Justice League movie was announced.  It seemed like they were starting to put the pieces together for the DCEU/Worlds of DC.  However, if there is something I have learned in all the years of superhero show & movie viewing its one thing.  DC is better at a shared universe in a TV series than the movies.  As much as I wanted to see everyone on screen together, perhaps the random cameos of Superman and Batman in the next Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Aquaman movies will be OK for me.  As I say that...I am watching DC Universes Titans  in the background.    


That Was A Lot of DC Talk...Marvel Time

First off....is Tom Holland short?  He certainty looks it next to MJ there.  They couldn't add a block or two to his boots?  Did they blow the budget on him web shooting around the city?  Height aside, Spider-Man: Far From Home (I really don't like that title) has wrapped up production and thanks to Tom Holland's Instagram post, we all now know that.  Trailer coming in months or after the next Avengers film?  


If you want to see Spidey's new suit in action....here's a clip of it from Jimmy Kimmel.  


You CAN Be DareDevil! 

For the record: I really wish I had this guys brain.  He can make ANYTHING and I really hate myself for not paying more attention in wood working classes back in 8th grade.  So if you have the urge to go crime fighting make sure you have the right gear! 


Does that satisfy your geekness for the week? It does? GREAT! Until next week fellow nerds....I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week! 



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