This Weeks Treat Is The Geek Freak of the Week!

Happy Early Halloween!  In the last 10 years super hero costumes have been on the rise so when you see your fellow heroes this weekend here are the essential things you need to know.  


Have You Seen the Devil?

Daredevil Season 3 is now out on Netflix.  Given the news we have received the last few weeks (RIP Iron Fist & Luke Cage) I'd go watch it now before they cancel this one too.  

After watching a few episodes this last week it seems the writers went for a lot of Hail Mary's in plot points by taking inspiration from iconic Daredevil story lines such as the 1998 "Guardian Devil" arc and "Born Again" series from 1986.  Here's a quick clip from this season that will get you motivated to watch it.  



The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is finally out on Netflix and just in time for Halloween night.  Are you watching?  Just a side's NOT like the Melissa Joan Hart series....there you have been warned! 



In the picture below we have the following.....Supergirl, Oliver Queen Flash, Jay Garrick Flash, and then Barry Arrow (I've nick named him that because I thought it sounded cool).  But the Jay Garrick Flash doesn't look like the shows Flash so what gives?  Well you silly geeks that is actually the 90's Flash costume and in it is our favorite retro speedster John Wesley Shipp (Barry's father & Jay Garrick himself) who was the Flash back in the 90's TV show!  Elseworlds is going to be freaking awesome! 


By The Power of Lightning...I Present RE SHOOTS! 

Shazam is striking it's way into theaters this March but now with re-shoots...what does this mean?  With Wonder Woman being pushed to 2020 and still no word if Henry or Batfleck will reappear in the DCEU/Worlds of DC do these re-shoots mean they are adding or taking away plot points?  Is James Gunn taking things over?  SO MANY QUESTIONS! 


Titans VS Titans...GO! 

WHAT?! Is this real or another clever internet hoax? Warner Brothers confirmed this is 100% true. Ever since the original Teen Titans was canceled back in 2006 fans have always hoped for some sort of a revival of the original.  What sparked that excitement even more were the mid-credit scenes in Teen Titans GO to the Movies (if you need a it here)  Seems like Cartoon Network has FINALLY accepted the fans calling.  You can read the full story here and watch the teaser below.  


Not Getting Out Of the Sarlacc Pit After All

The Boba Fett stand alone film is now just floating away further into the dark emptiness of the galaxy.  Sorry fans.  


If you hear, see, or know anything else let us know!  I'm Maz and that's your geek freak of the weeeeek! 

Oh and I'll leave you on this happy note.....



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