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While you are digesting all that candy here are the stories that have come in from Geek Freak main computer! (any body want to give us a sizable donation for an upgrade? I hear tablets are all the rage)


Stabler Gets A Promotion!

A few weeks back it was announced that Kaley Cuoco will provide the voice for Harley Quinn in the new upcoming series on the DCUniverse streaming service. Now they have added the all and powerful James Gordon!  I guess Chris Meloni doesn't mind being type cast as a cop anymore.  Sure, he will always be Detective Stabler to many but I think going into the role of Commissioner Gordon is a good career move.


The First Look At BatWoman 

Looks like the Girl of Steel and the Dark Dame of Gotham are getting along.  Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and Ruby Rose (Batwoman) pose together on the set for the upcoming Elseworld crossover.  


Going West For A Bit

If you have been watching this current season you have noticed one thing, Detective Joe West likes to sit. There were rumors around reddit and twitter that he was injured or had some kind of medical issue but no one from the show ever said anything public. Now it all comes to light as Jesse L. Martin will be taking a leave from the show to deal with an ongoing back issue.  No, he's not leaving the show for good but will be missing from future episodes.  How will he be written out? Who knows...but  this explains why they upped Danielle Nicolet, who plays Joe's girlfriend Cecille, to a series regular for season 5.  She can fill the parenting role for a bit!  We wish him a speedy recovery.  


Game of Thrones Prequel Series Cast Is Forming 

We are getting more news on this story than the last season of Game of Thrones.  It says "lengthy" negotiations.  Does that mean they have her signed for the long haul?  


The Witcher Hour Is Here! 

And for those Witcher fans out there...here is a taste of what Henry Cavill will look like in upcoming Netflix series.  


A Buddy Show We All Wanted 

I'd be ready to watch this in a heartbeat.  And now that Cap has hung up his shield the adventures of these two would be fantastic.  Look at their chemistry in Civil War. if this does happen, expect it on Disney's new streaming service.   


It's Over Disney...I Have The High Ground

So back during the Christopher Nolan Batman movie days I remember hearing they were looking into having Black Mask being introduced as a secondary villain (like Scarecrow in Batman Begins and Two-Face in The Dark Knight) but then they scraped all that and I was a sad Maz.  Now...Bird of Prey is looking to pick up those pieces.  Black Mask is a fantastic villain and has really been a thorn in Batman's side for a while.  He debuted in Batman #386 back in 1985 and ran a criminal under world network that even Batman had a hard time destroying. Oh...and side note, Black Mask is also responsible for Robin/Stephanie Brown's death back in the 2004 War Game story line.  Will that be used for this movie? Hey it's a good end game!  

The character has never been on the big screen but he has made appearances on Fox's Gotham and in the animated worlds (see video below).  Birds of Prey is set in the DCEU and will NOT feature Batman (as of yet) and will be in theaters February of 2020.  


And there ya go! That's everything for this weeks Geek Freak of the Week! until next time...stay nerdy.  



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