Happy Weekend! It's Time For The Geek Freak of the Week!

The Countdown Is On! 

Marvel Studios has released an official countdown to the next Avengers film.  Here's the link so you can save it to your favorites now!  COUNTDOWN TO UNTITLED AVENGERS FILM

Also, you thought Infinity War had a long run time...the next one is said to be timed at 3 hours.  Train your bladder now before the movie comes out in May.  

Are You Here To Sing Deadpool Carols?!

Tis' the season for Deadpool 2! Our favorite wise-ass anti-hero is returning to theaters for all your holiday cheer! Maybe now is a good time to take Grandma to see what the hype about this guy is all about.  


It's A Family Affair...but first some serious stuff.  

OK last time I mentioned Riverdale in a past Geek Freak I got this response: 

MAZ...Riverdale in the Geek Freak...really? How much is CW paying you? 

First off: I'm not paid by CW or anyone outside of iHeart Media who is the sole owner of Rock 101. The Geek Freak of the Week is something that I created for my blog and has no sponsorship or outside influence in any way, shape, or form.  So before I get another crazy response like that here is the official statement from the Office of the Geek Freak:  

I will mention Riverdale stuff because it's Archie Comics.  Archie Comics is a staple in the entire comic book world and therefor has a place, and right, to be mentioned here on the Geek Freak.  Whether or not you like the show Riverdale is irrelevant. Do I watch the show? Yes, I do.  Do I like it? Not really but hell...I'm three seasons in and the cast is a riot at Comic Con in San Diego every year so I'm sticking with it.  Cool? OK...now onto the story.  

It's A Family Affair

Kelly Ripa from Live with Kelly & Regis Michael...now Ryan has been cast to play Hiram Lodge's mistress in an upcoming episode of Riverdale.   Did you know that these two are married in real life?  Of course you did. But did you know how they met?  They were co-stars together back on All My Children.  This marks the second time Mark Consuelos has a family member on the show.  His real life son Michael played a younger version of Hiram in a flashback episode called The Midnight Club.  For more on these twos acting see the video below.  


The Most Morphinominal Breakfast Is Here!

Did you know Funko makes cereal too?  As part of the 25th Anniversary you can snag this limited time cereal box to add to your collection!  Here's the snag....it WON'T be in stores but will be at DesignCon 2019 in Santa Clara, California along with other Funko cereals and snacks.  Maybe someday they will release it online...but don't expect it to be cheap.  

On a side note....I've seen people are mad it's not the Green Ranger.  People....Tommy wasn't the ONLY Power Ranger...let's give the others some love.  


A Fantastic Answer 

With one week left until Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald fly their way into theaters as part of the press tour this little exchange happened and it was very clever! 


Game of Thrones SHOES?!

*in Spongebob voice* I don't need it...I don't need it.....I NEEEED IT! 

Thank you Adidas!  My bet is that the shoes will be out before the final season.  


Disney Picks A Name!

So what happened to Disney Play? The original name for Disney's streaming service has been dropped for something a little different...introducing Disney Plus.  The direct-to-you service will be released in all its magical glory in late 2019.  

It's also been reported that Loki's series will be one of the first things fans can expect on it plus a prequel to Rogue One (yes, you read that right) featuring everyone's favorite rebel  Cassian Andor played by Diego Luna.  That story is here.  Now I'm curious...what's the name of the prequel for a prequel?  


My fingers hurt from typing and clicking.  So that's it for this weeks Geek Freak of the Week.  Until next time! 



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