Fed Up With Snow? Take A Break & Read The Geek Freak of the Week!

You were dreaming of a white Thankgiving, right? Take a break from all the shoveling and plowing so you can catch up on this weeks nerd news....and what a week it was. 


Farewell Stan.

He literally saw his life's work evolve and take shape to new heights that I don't even think he could of dreamed of.  Stan Lee passed away Monday at the age of 95.  It was a day many knew was coming just didn't want to accept.  His health was declining for years and he made very few appearances.  From his first days freelancing in high school to a desk job at a small company called Timely Comics (the name before Marvel) to one day running Marvel itself.  Stan Lee saw the evolution of comic books into mainstream media.  He is irreplaceable and will be missed.  Rest easy sir, Excelsior.  


There were many ways celebrities reactions to Stan Lee's passing, you can see a full list of tweets and comments here.  

I do want to share what DC Comics wrote.  They have been rivals from the beginning but right now all that has been put aside. 


Winter Is FINALLY Coming! 

....in April 2019, but that's okay.  After MONTHS of false leads we finally can set a date on our calendars for the final, and bloodiest, seasons of Game of Thrones.  

If you want to re-watch the whole series but can't take a week off work to watch this might help.  I am part of a team of other friendly neighborhood traffic reporters and one of them, who is a fellow nerd and friend, did some rough math for us.  She figured out that if you start now with season 1/episode 1 and watch 3-4 episodes a week then you will finish all 67 episodes leading up to the premier in April (give or take).  Sound good? Okay, grab the wine and GO! 


The Viper Suits Up!

He goes from one fantasy world to the expanded fantasy galaxy.  Pedro Pascal (The Viper from Game of Thrones) is getting ready to put on some Mandalorian armor for the new Star Wars TV series.  Pedro will play a yet-named lone gunman who is on the outskirts of the the new Republic territory looking for his place.  This sounds like an updated Han Solo story doesn't it?  


Elseworld Teasers Are Popping Up!

Barry is Oliver and Oliver is Barry?  Huh? Well...it is Elseworlds so that would make sense if you really think about it. Some promos have surfaced during the past week during the commercial breaks for Arrow & The Flash.  

I have noticed that Grant Gustin/Barry Allen has gotten a little bit more jacked-up, probably to fill into that Green Arrow suit! Elseworlds premiers in a few weeks starting Sunday December 9th on the CW.  


This promo makes the Iris West crush/obsession on Oliver Queen funnier.  Watch that clip here


and here's a first look at Batwoman! 


It's Morphing Time! Lightning Power!

Looks like RJ Cyler is trading in his power coin for some tech!  The Blue Ranger has been added to the cast of CW's Black Lightning in a recurring role.  Maybe...just maybe he will be the link that is needed to connect the show to the rest of the Arrowverse?  He could of known Felicity or Curtis from Arrow.  Hell, maybe he cross paths with Cisco and Caitlin from the Flash!  I think it's about time Black Lightning cross in with the other CW shows.  


Lex Luthor Is In The House

This was expected but it was made official today (11/16).  Jon Cryer will be joining Earth-38 to wreak some havoc on Supergirl and her friends (that sounded creepy, didn't it?)  

The Two and a Half Men alum is no stranger to playing the villain.  Remember Danny Phantom on Nickelodeon? He was the voice of Freakshow!  Oh yes, and how could we forget he played Lenny Luthor in Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (clip below)

Maybe we will get a glimpse of Cryer as Luthor in the upcoming Elseworld Crossover in December! 


Happy New Year! It's the Doctor.  

For the last thirteen years there has been a Doctor Who Christmas episode.  They have always been special episodes, usually set up for a character departure or introduction.   This year the tradition ends. But don't worry, the episode isn't going away, just changing days.  You can catch a New Years Day special instead!  So while you are hungover from the night before you can sober up with the Doctor and her friends.  


Young Justice....GO! 

If the Holidays have you going crazy then this will make you happy because there is a light at the end of the tunnel! The long awaited next season of Young Justice is coming out January 4, 2019 on DC Universe.  Where will it pick up? Are all the new characters coming at once? SO MANY QUESTIONS!  

They have a trailer for it...click the tweet below from IGN to see it!  


Robin...meet Robin.  

A nice way to wrap things up is this clip from Titans.  The Robins finally meet.  Jason Todd already annoys me...which is perfect because that is what he is suppose to do! 


Alright, that's all there is from the Geek Freak headquarters this week.  Just remember...Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is out now! That's another reason to avoid snow clean up! 

I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week (brought to you by no one) 



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