No Crisis Here! Just The Geek Freak of the Week!

It's True! A Crisis Is Coming To The CW!


On Infinite Earths to be exact! (this is BIG news)


Okay....I'm not going to say this is a shocker because all throughout the three night Elseworlds crossover we were told "a crisis is coming"...but DAMN I am thrilled Warner Brothers let CW get away with doing this!  Why? This is movie level stuff and they are giving it to the TV series to do?! That's just perfect.  

Actually, the way the DC movies have been going I think someone finally woke up at the Warner Studios lot and said "just let TV do it!"

Crisis on Infinite Earths is no walk around Central City Park  This story line literally changed the entire DC comic universe.  The series ran twelve issues from April 1985 into March 1986.  The whole point to this story was to created and bring order (more like continuity) to all the DC story-lines at the time. 

At this point, there were a few Flashes, Green Lanterns, and Superboys all existing in different comics being printed at once.  It got to the point fans and writers didn't know what story were canon or who could crossover with who.  The series killed off characters and brought in new ones to make a new status quo.  

For the DCTV this has always been the true goal ever since The Flash series came into existence five years ago. Let's do some time traveling....

In season 1 of The Flash when Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco enter the time vault, the headline on the paper (well, digital newspaper) it said "The Flash Missing. Vanishes In Crisis".   This was the first inclination that something was up.  In the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic Barry Allen dies (the first time) by sacrificing himself to save the entire multiverse.  In the current season, Barry and Iris' daughter is back from a time where she didn't know her father because he never came back from that "crisis".  

Also, in season 2 of The Flash introduces the multiverse with the big bad of the season Zoom coming from Earth-2.  I this point this was the foundation for this crossover.  And this back in 2015.  

Supergirl gave us some insight as well.  In Season 2 we got the introduction of Superman and there's a scene when they are fighting Metallo and Superman has to pick up his cousin and fly her to safety. The way he picked her up was straight out one of the Crisis on Infinite Earths covers.  (some will say that's just a homage, but it's also foreshadowing)

Legends of Tomorrow traveling around time and space, it's pretty much clear that they have already established crazy time/space theory.  

Just to add to all this, Psycho-Pirate was introduced in Elseworlds.  In the crisis story line he plays a big part.   

So now comes the countdown and all the speculation.  Will Barry die? Will Kara die? Is this the the end of Green Arrow?  I recommend you go out and purchase the comics first and read all you can before the fall of 2019.  

It's Strange We Aren't Getting More

I am always waiting for more to come out about season three.  I mean, what happened? Did Netflix take the budget away after paying for Friends? Is that why they can't give us a trailer?  Ugh. Alright, bright side at least we got the episode's a start, right? Or...maybe this is all part of the tone for the next season.  SUSPENSE!


All Hail the King!

The new Godzilla: King of the Monsters has risen and the titans...ARE HERE! Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and the big bad himself (or them self? nevermind) King Ghidorah are awake to do some damage.  I really can't describe my excitement anymore so watch the trailer and we'll talk after the movie comes out.  


And The More Marvel Movie Nominations Are Coming In! 

It's really looking like Marvel could make history and have some of it's movies be nominated in top Oscar categories.  The SAG-Awards were announced and Black Panther got a Best Cast Ensemble nomination...that their version of Best Picture.  If Black Panther made it to that category then it's a 90 percent chance it'll be in the Best Picture Nominations for the Academy Awards.  Say it with me...WAKANDA FOREVER! 


And....Avengers: Infinity War & Ant-man and the Wasp also got some pick ups in the stunt ensemble category.  Marvel as a three to five shot of winning here.  


A Small Tribute 

Now before we leave each other for another week....I need to mention this.  Elseworlds paid a great homage to the show Smallville.  If Arrow is the father of the...well...Arrowverse then Smallville is the grandfather of all these superhero shows.   Remember, when the show first arrived on TV back in 2001 The WB had no other shows like it ( in the superhero category that is).  It stood on it's own as fans watched a young Clark Kent discover his powers and turn into the hero we would all need to save us.  

Back when Elseworlds was announced we knew we were going to go back to Kansas because Stephen Amell's twitter were all flooded with Kent Farm pictures.  It should look a little familiar because the farmhouse and aerial shots were the ones they used in Smallville.  I'm giving CW props for including this for the crossover.  This wasn't a Supergirl focused crossover but it's the little things that make us all appreciate the work that goes into shows that are done for the fans.   

Now warm up those vocal cords and watch the scene when Barry and Oliver go to Earth-38 and see Supergirl.  


Alright nerds that's it.  Time to race into next week and do all that last second Christmas shopping.  Until next time...I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week! (brought to you by no one....still) 



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