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Get ready geeks......


Instead of leaving the big guy milk and cookies...why not beer and pizza?  I'm sure he would like that.  If I had to jump around house-to-house in one night I'd need a drink or two.  Changing things up a little bit for this edition of the Geek Freak, before we dive into what's going on here are some interesting Christmas facts! 

  • According to Forbes it will cost you $39,094.93 for the entire twelve days of Christmas line up.  
  • in Sweden it's a tradition on Christmas Eve to watch Donald Duck cartoons.  
  • Santa is in a red suit because of Coca-Cola.  In earlier tales he wore Blue, Green, and Purple. If you think about it...Santa went from being a Jedi Knight to a Sith-Lord. 
  • New theory suggests that Santa gets around the world in one night because he channels the speed-force like The Flash does.  I'd can get behind that kind of logic.  and favorite fact is this...
  •  Ever wonder why Santa leaves coal in the stocking for bad kids?   All goes back to chimneys.  When he comes down and see's that you have been bad, he just takes a piece of coal from the fire place and leaves it for you.  So don't think Santa is running around with a bag of coal on top of presents.  The reindeer can't handle that kind of load.  

Now...let's geek out! 

The Titans Are Coming! 

Push that damn elf off the shelf and make room for Attack on Titan Funkos!  Not all are available.  Some are "vaulted" so that means later release.  Here's a full list to see what you can get now so you can start building the collection! The Titan ones won't be to scale (thank goodness).  


Doom Is Coming! 

Ok ok...I am going to admit.  Titans has impressed me a lot, so now I am ready to watch the spin-off Doom Patrol.   February 15th is when it lands on the DC Universe stream.  Mark your calendars.  

And because Cyborg is in! 


More Sabrina! 

Guess we now know where the Marvel/Disney money went towards after the great cancellation of 2018. The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina is now set to have four seasons (or parts...whatever that means).  With more seasons does this mean that Salem might actually TALK?! 


Straight From Hell the new Hellboy trailer dropped earlier this week. was not what I was expecting!  I was thinking it would be this Dark Knight/Christopher Nolan type story and tone.  Nope...I was wrong.  Seems to be LOOK gritty but has a lighter tone to it.  I'd like to see a fight between Hellboy and Thanos.  They both are sporting gauntlets! 


Teaming Up Again. 

Thor and Valkari....I mean Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are back but this time in fancy tailored black suits fighting aliens.  I mean...that's not that far off from Thor: Ragnorok right?  

Now, there is a little Thor reference in there.  It's kind of silly, but it's one of those "we have to do this" type moments.  For what it's worth...Chris Hemsworth can never escape the fact that he was the God of Thunder, so at least he has fun with it.  


Strange Holiday 

Netflix is really making us wait. All these new teasers and no release date yet for season 3.  By the time the new season comes out Game of Thrones might be over.  Oh's a nice little "happy holidays" from the kids from Stranger Things! 


Rise R2-D2...RISE! 

I wish I had this guys brain.  He can make ANYTHING.  Looking for a great project to do during your holiday break?  I dare you to try this.  


Your Super Hero Holiday Guide! 

Did you think I was going to skip this? The King of the Fish himself, Aquaman is now in theaters!  Also making an appearance is this Christmas is Bumblebee!  Two characters we never thought would get films are now set to take over the box office this weekend.  Go see it! Not like you want to spend time with family or anything....


Also!  There's a Doctor Who marathon starting Christmas Eve on BBC America.  No Christmas special this year...the Doctor will be checking in again on New Years Day for an all new episode.  I think that's the perfect hangout cure.  


From all us here at Geek Freak Headquarters....Merry Christmas! 

I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! 



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