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Was 2019 the year to start dating again?  How's that going?  My spidy-sense tells me you need more nerd news in your life. Follow the stories below and you will be guaranteed a second date!  


But first....prepare yourselves.

This Is Not A Drill

Either set up a Google Alert for this or cancel your Sunday plans...NOW!  The date for the return of Game of Thrones will be revealed THIS Sunday during True Detective.  This is it people.  

As far as when the show will return, it'll either be the 7th, 14th, 21st, or 28th of April.   HBO could start either the 7th or the 14th because that times it out to be done before Memorial Day weekend in May. However, in the past HBO normally premiers an original movie around that weekend in May so if they start it any later they would have to skip a week, which would drive fans NUTS.  But hey...it's all about viewership and talk so I can see HBO doing that.   


is it Sunday yet? 

Ok since we are talking about Westeros....a prequel is coming! 


So Many Thrones...So Little Time 

Being a fan of this show is really tough.  We go months without any kind of news but then out the blue we get a lot of news at once!  Meet the cast for the new Game of Thrones prequel (currently unnamed).  This show is set a thousand years BEFORE the events of the current series and will show the rise and fall of the golden age of Westeros and discuss the true origins of the White Walkers.  Wait...TRUE origin?  I thought we knew that already?  Wasn't it the children of the forest that turned man....damn it, now I have to re-learn all this.  

Also, it seems that dragons, House Stark, and House Targaryen won't be mentioned in this series. Time to meet more screwed up families!  

A Very Venom Sequel Is Coming 

After seeing the end credits of Venom it was a sure thing if a sequel was made then Venom would be taking on another fan favorite villain....Carnage.  Looks like we are getting just that!  They are searching for a new director for the film.  Know anyone?  


Truth, Justice, and the Soviet Way?

Well, in this story yes, Superman is a commie.  Next to the Elseworlds story Gotham by Gaslight, one of the best "what if's" in the DC world is Superman: Red Son.  The premise: What if Superman's pod landed in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas? Yah, that would be bad.  Looks like it's finally getting an animated movie treatment.   


It's A Marvelous Trailer 

Only a few months away!  Not much say, so enjoy.  


Time To Get Punished 

I have the urge to and punch something after watching this.  Frank Castle is back to make people bleed...a lot. Season 2 drops on Netflix on Friday January 18th (and then it will probably be canceled by February).   From the looks of the trailer, I highly recommend no one eats or drinks during the new episodes.   Also, I am getting a Logan/Wolverine type vibe...anyone else feel it?  


The Punisher news was probably not the best way to end this but that's all I got for today! 

On that awkward note...I'm Maz and that's your geek freak of the week! (still brought to you by no one) 



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