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Yes, that was a Chuck reference.  I am currently watching/binging the show.  WHY DID I NOT WATCH THIS BACK IN 2007?! Anyways...snow got you down?  Yeah, it's going to be a mess.  So stay in, relax, open a cold one and catch up on this weeks geekness.  


We Have A Date! 

Winter is coming! AT LAST! On Sunday, April 14th grab the wine, your favorite dragon, and get ready to watch the first of six amazing episodes.  They wouldn't let us down, would they? 

Now, of course, we have to break down the trailer here.  First off, it is not a scene from the show.  This was made specifically for the date announcement.  Also, the statues, is it just me or is only Jon Snow the one who looked...aged?  Is he the one to survives this whole thing? We also have the White Walkers coming, maybe the Battle of the Bastards was a cake walk compared to what is coming to Winterfell this final season! 


Spider-Man Has Swung In! 

Peter Parker is back! And Look...so is Nick Fury!  And, we have Mysterio battling Hydroman? Ok, first off, Spider-Man and Fury are dead thanks to Thanos so when does this take place? After Avengers: Endgame? Is this one big spoiler?  Maybe...or not!  

Here's the thing, according to interviews this Spider-Man films takes place moments after Avengers: Endgame.  Or does it?  Here's my crazy theory...you know how Spider-Man's entrance in Infinity War was him being on a bus.  What if Far From Home takes place right BEFORE that and the last scene of this film is Peter and his classmates getting on that bus that crosses the bridge to the next battle of New York.  

We all know Marvel like's to throw us off the scent so maybe this could be it.  Plus, even if it does say this movie takes place after Endgame, it could just be the opening scene and the whole movie is a flash back.   I think this is what we all think is going to happen...so let's just go with it!  

Spider-Man: Far From Home (I still don't like that title) swings into theaters July 5th.  


A Lot Happened On The Flash 

Ever watch one of those episodes that makes you think a little more than you should?  Yah, this was the case for the latest episode The Flash and the Furious.  On the docket is from this tweet I posted: 


At least it gives some story line to the show instead of the big "battle of the week" and filler episodes. This also gives us a look at Caitlin and Cisco working side by side again, which frankly, we haven't seen in depth in some time.  

But of course, this leads to an immeasurable ripple effects.  What if their cure becomes acquired by ARGUS and becomes mandatory?  Could that lead into the registration acts that were mentioned in Legends of Tomorrow when they picked up Zari?  Maybe the writers are really stepping things up for a potential DCTV Civil War?  Which, leads me to think of something else....


Kingdom Come would be a great set up after Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover airs this November/December.   What is Kingdom Come?  It's an Elseworld story that puts the heroes of the DC at odds with each other.  On one side is a newly formed Justice League created by Superman after being dormant for decades and on the other side is Batman and his vigilante group of Outsiders. Everyone knows the heroes true identities and even Lex Luthor is on the war path his own anti-meta human liberation front. 

The gears are sort of in motion.  Supergirl cast Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor.  Cisco wants to create a meta-human cure all while Caitlin is now on the side of making ground rules for it.  Plus! We are getting Batwoman series in the mix.  All the pieces are there, it's just up to the writers who are ready to take on the task to make this juggernaut story come to life.  I'll give them a break though, Crisis on Infinite Earths needs their full attention.  

In 2020....Who Ya Gunna Call?!

Looks like the reboot back in 2016...didn't work.  So to fix it, make another movie and make it a continuation from Ghostbuster II.  Jason Reitman is taking the helm of this one!  Get ready to be slimed in 2020.  


Consols Ready...It's Morphing Time!  

Well...that logo looks familiar, doesn't it. Guess we now know where Saban/Hasbro will use the 2017 movie logo from now on since it's basically unofficially-official that a sequel is never happening. (okay, happy thoughts) Okay..back to the story, Maz

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a fighting style platform for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch for an April release.  Also added to this is PC version slated for a late 2019 release.  You can read the full story here. Make sure you check out the announcement video below.  I think you will recognize someone.


Now that you have the power, maybe it's time to get ready and shovel out some snow.  Need some advice?  Well, Mike Rowe has you covered.   Until next week...I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! 



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