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Alrighty! You've ended another week....with many highs and lows.  First...the good news.  Our favorite vigilantes are all back in their regular groove...Arrow came back this past Monday along with another week of Flash, Supergirl, and Gotham all in full swing and setting the stage for stories and events that will take us all the way to May.  We got a new trailer for Shazam! and a quick look at Jon Cryer as our favorite evil businessman Lex Luthor.  Also...some EPIC Oscar nominations for Marvel! 

Now...the bad news.  Even though the solo Batman film was said to start shooting this November, it is going forward with a new title...well, actually, lack-there-of.  Maybe this is a good thing? Perhaps a new direction.  It's still making myself and the rest of the Batman community feel uneasy.  Also to add to our anxiety, YouTube is public enemy number one in the Power Rangers world.  Why?  Well, sit back, strap in, and grab a cold one. (Maybe some pizza as well).  We got A TON to chat about it.  Ready?  Okay...let's go! 


History Has Been Made 

Black Panther is now an Academy Award Nominee...FOR BEST PICTURE! Not only is this the first movie for Marvel to gain this accomplishment but it's also a huge win for the entire superhero genre as it's the first of its kind to be in the Best Picture Category.  It's up against BlacKkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Green Book, Roma, Vice, and A Star is Born.  We have to wait until Sunday February 24th to see the results! 


A Gift From The Wizard Himself! 

A new Shazam! trailer landed on our screens about a week ago. Hopefully there wasn't a lightning surge that came with it.  This is the first new one we've seen since the trailer debuted back at Comic Con last July.  Some speculated that the reason we had to wait was because of re-shoots (mainly because of Henry Cavill's is-he-or-is-he-not-Superman drama) while some also thought the movie was receiving a new release date.  So far, nothing seems out of the that's good news!  


Now It's Time To Get Nerdy

This is really a good time for Shazam! to arrive in the DCEU.  I know the movies haven't been Marvel-level greatness, but they are still enjoyable to anyone who is a comic book fan.  And...(as much I am going to need to run after saying this, I am still standing by this).  The DCEU does have a blueprint and Shazam is continuing with the over all continuity.  

For as long as comic books have been around there has been a debate that Shazam and Superman are the same hero.  So, naturally, they have crossed paths and fought hand-to-hand and testing their various similar powers. However, in every fight, one always wins on a technicality.  Some examples are: Batman gives Shazam some Krypotonite or Superman forces Shazam to say his name so he de-morphs back to Billy. It's always something along those lines, but never an actual winner so-to-say.  

Now, in the DCEU it becomes apparent that since the man of steel died in Batman v Superman and then was resurrected in Justice League it shows that the world NEEDS a Superman-like hero.  What fits that category? Shazam! 

Its a power that can be passed on rather then one person having it all. Plus, along with Batman's stash of Kryptonite, this is another fail safe in the event Superman goes rogue or dies again.  

So you see...continuity in the blueprint for the DCEU.  Is this a stretch.  Hell yes, but as I stated before.  Being a comic book fan in this day in age is amazing because we get to see our heroes leave the pages and become real.  So can everyone get along?  

Oh YouTube...Sweet, Sweet, Youtube. 

Power Rangers...a dead brand?!  That's what a YouTube adviser said to a couple that has an entire channel dedicated to our favorite heroes in spandex.   

So if you don't know who or what Bruno and Mia's MMPR Toys are let me introduce you to them. They are a married couple with a YouTube channel that reviews all things Power Rangers.  They cover everything ...the toys, boxes, and the show it self.  Nothing is off limits. They even cover the Super Sentai stuff!   The channel has been around for ten years and has gained a substantial audience. So what's the problem? 

Well, they met with a YouTube adviser to give them some advice on how to grow the channel to become bigger and better...the advice they got was less than morphinominal.  Watch the video to hear what happened.  


So, my opinion (because that's really what you want to know, right!)  Is it dead? Like many I am going to say no way. There are many reasons (of course they are bias because I am a huge fan) but the main one is that Hasbro paid $522 million for the franchise. That seems a lot for a "dead brand".  However, I will ask this:  Is it a niche format? The answer is one hundred percent yes. That might scare you, but don't be, so are a lot of things...and that's nothing to be concerned about for this franchise.    

Would it be easier if we can blame someone? I think we'd like to...maybe Bandai or Lionsgate. Hell, toss Saban, Nickelodeon and Disney into that flame as well! Even better, let's just bash the Toei Company (the owners of the show Power Rangers is based on) because they are the source material and they limit what the American version can do!  The truth is, (and sit down for this one)  I don't think we can point the blame at anyone. 

Would it have done better if it was still a Disney property?   TV show wise, no.  I remember hearing once that a suit at Disney just wanted the whole show dubbed, no American footage at all. Easiest way to save money. Movie could have gone to some great heights. 

Disney is a huge studio that could put the time and dollars into it...they had a shot but never pulled the trigger.  Truthfully, it was better that Saban reacquire the rights from Disney in 2010.  The mouse and his friends would have put everything on the back burner for years to come and just been focused on the toys.  We never would have seen another movie or comic books.   

I'll end with this.  If you are a fan of this franchise, even if it is just spite, go and like/subscribe to Bruno and Mia's MMPR Toys to show YouTube that Power Rangers is not as dead as they think. 

What...No Name?! 

Well, add this to pile of problems this movie has.  Originally called The Batman, Ben Affleck was set to write, direct, and star in the next film about our famous Gotham Knight (oh...that could be the title) Now it seems he has nothing to do with it.  

So what titles could work? Actually, we don't even know what the movie is about so a title will be hard to guess at this point. If it's a single and particular story from the comics maybe they will go with that for the title (that's what they did for X-Men: Days of Futures Past).  

Maybe we can see A Death in the Family on the big screen.  We already saw the Robin suit dismantled by the Joker in Batman v. Superman. So a flashback movie to that would be great to see.  Or how about we just scrap everything and maybe this is the time to finally put into motion a Batman Beyond film.  (Please cast Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne) 


Lex Luthor Is Here 

Well...that picture is just creepy, isn't it.  DC has released its first look of Lex Luthor played by Jon Cryer. You can expect him to make things difficult for Supergirl and her friends later on this season on the CW.  

How is it that every incarnation of Lex Luthor mostly starts with him in jail? WHY DO THEY LET HIM OUT!!


So...believe me now when I said it was a week of highs and lows?  And they say being a sports fan is stressful....we nerds have some struggles too!  

Until next week fellow friends.  I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week (brought to you by no one) 


PS......coming soon:  Geek Freak of the Week: The Podcast



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