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No Spongebob?!

Damn you NFL...and Pepsi! We all have feelings about that half time show. Maybe next year we will hear some Sweet Victory performed by our favorite sea dwellers. If you had to take one thing away from the game and that half time disaster at least we got some new trailers for Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel . So let's just dive right into a very packed Geek Freak of the Week to make us feel better:

Get Ready For The Endgame!

Looks like Disney had some extra cash to spend! (Those commercials are $5.1 million each!) We got a good look at the next Avengers film in this 30 second clip. Is it me or does this remind you of HBO's The Leftovers? Alright, let's break this one down.

  • Cap is clearly struggling with what happened. Plus Bucky's dead.
  • Black Widow is taking her aggression out the only way she knows how...shooting things
  • Rocket has a cabin in the woods? Who did he con for that?
  • Looks like Tony isn't alone in space...Nebula is with him and they are working on something. Maybe a space Iron Man suit! Don't think for a moment Tony Stark can't Frankenstein one, he made one in a cave, in space should be nothing for him!

Regardless of what the outcome is the new team of Avengers are doing what Tony explained to Loki back when the Avenger's first assembled to save New York City. "if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it!"

April 26th can not come fast enough!


Captain Marvel...Again

So nothing is really different about this trailer then what we have seen in the past ones. I hate to say this, but is this a filler movie like Ant-Man and Ant-Man & The Wasp? I'm not getting a good vibe from seeing the Captain Marvel trailers like I have in the past from other Marvel films. With that said, maybe that's the plan? Marvel is great at tricking us so maybe they are keeping things under wraps because this movie sets up what's to come in Avengers:Endgame or even the future of the MCU in general. I bet it has something to do with her cat. Maybe that is the key to everything!!

Captain Marvel flies into theaters March 8th.


Justice League Returns...

In cartoon form! (The way we like it) to take on the sinister Fatal Five! Ok...so who are they?

* clears throat *

The Fatal Five are enemies of the Legion of Superheroes. Both are from the future...30th century to be exact. So why are they back in the 21st century causing trouble? In this version three out of the five travel to the present to hunt down a member of the Green Lantern Corps. In order to help, the Justice League gets aid from Star Boy, Saturn Girl, and a few others from the future society of do-gooders, the Legion of Superheroes.

This movie marks the return of the animation style from Bruce Timm that we all have come to associate with our favorite DC heroes. This movie also makes room for the reunion of several voice actors from the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited animated series that started back in 2001.

The trailer doesn't give a release date but on Thursday it was revealed that the digital release is set for March 30 but if you want the 4k & Blu-ray combo, that'll hit stores April 16th.


Disney Has A New Letter To Use

Rest easy Deadpool fans...it looks like Disney is going to let Deadpool be...well the Deadpool we all love in future movies to come. This a huge step for the mouse to take and it gives us an assurance that Disney is still going to let 20th Century Fox exist and not dissolve it. So how will Deadpool work in the MCU? They apparently have a plan because they are looking for actors to fill the role of Wolverine. That story is here!

If we do get a new man to draw the claws we know Deadpool will have fun with this one. Remember when Colossus was bringing Deadpool in after that bridge fight in the first film? " These timelines are so confusing... ". Expect something like that...I bet my curly hair on it.


Shazam Is Getting Super After All!

Will it be the battle that we all want to see? Sadly no, even though a Superman/Shazam fight is always appreciated by fans that won't happen...at least not in this film. According to Comicbook.com's tweet from Thursday it looks like a cameo by the Man of Steel will be turned into a joke of some sorts. Given that we still don't know if Henry Cavill will be wearing the red cape ever again, seems DC and Warner Brothers will have some laughs at least. Shazam will arrive to save us on April 5th.


Power Rangers: The Animated Series?

So...this was an odd find! Disney may have had plans for our heroes in spandex after all! Looks like a company named Nerd Corps (no longer in business) had pitched this idea to Disney when they held the rights to Power Rangers back in the early 2000's. At first I thought this was fake, given the sound effects are clearly lightsabers and tie-fighters, however, after learning this was 100% real, it looks like this was considered to be a replacement for the series since animation would be cheaper for Disney than using the Japanese footage along with the original content they needed to film. If I did my homework and checked the dates right, the reason this was never made into a full series was due to Saban re-acquiring the rights to the show before Disney could move forward. Missed opportunity maybe?

If Disney did do their own version it would be similar to the comics from Boom! Studios; all original and no need for the source material from the Japanese show. Maybe that's what the franchise needs right now in order to save it?


Speaking of Power Rangers...Toy Fair 2019 in New York is February 15th-19th and Hasbro is already showing us some of their new products for the upcoming Power Rangers season Beast Morphers. All seems pretty standard stuff...but watch MMPR Toys review it.


Oh...and then there is this!


As much I want to jump for joy about this...I am going to remain calm. Super calm, OK that's a lie. I am jumping for nerd joy right now!!

This is the first concrete information about a new movie we have received since August 2018. (that story here)

So now comes the many questions:

  • Will it be a sequel to the 2017 film?
  • How about a reboot?! Maybe a soft reboot of some sorts?
  • Are they going with original content, looking at the show for a story, or taking inspiration from the Boom! Studios comic arcs?
  • Will it be the original rangers again or are they going with new characters from the franchise?

All these questions can't be answered now (duh). Perhaps a reboot will happen as Hasbro just wants a clean and fresh start to the franchise. However, if you are worried about a reboot because of a new studio let's remember something important: the first Thor, Captain America , along with Iron Man 1 & 2 were all were made by another studio before Disney acquired Marvel (ironically, Paramount). Did anything change for Marvel? Nope! The cast and premise all stayed the course it was on. This news just tells me that Lionsgate was never interested in making a sequel or any other Power Rangers movie. With that said, the story from the 2017 film can live on with the same cast if Hasbro so chooses. Either way, a sequel or reboot gives Hasbro the chance to build a cinematic universe, which is the goal of every studio these days. So until then, let the waiting begin!


Alright my fellow geeks, with all that we learned today it's time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the weekend! Until next time...I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week! (still brought to you by no one)



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