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Calm Down There Harley....the Joker isn't here.

Valentine's Day has come and gone...the roses are in their vases (hopefully not dead) and the candy has been devoured. If you want a low key weekend and need a show or two to binge....YOU ARE IN LUCK!

Netflix may be ditching the Marvel shows left and right but they have something new to fill the void. You can watch The Umbrella Academy. It's a show that is based on the comic series from Dark Horse. Because of time and space I didn't cover it in this but you can see a sneak peak of it by clicking here. It also strikes a similar feel to another show that is coming out this weekend on the DC Universe stream....Doom Patrol. I have more on that below. (The reason I covered one over the other is due to the fact I wasn't to familiar with The Umbrella Academy because I never read the that's why. I'm a bad nerd, I know)

Alright, enough talk. Time to geek out!

Warm Up The Time Turners!

Apparently Daniel Radcliffe is down for a Harry Potter reboot. Wait....what?! Okay, before you get your capes twisted, no, Harry Potter has not gone to the dark side and wants this wiped away from his life. He's referring to the fact that other actors have already played the famous wizard on Broadway in The Cursed Child and he is sure that someday, someone else will be playing a young Harry again. Let's face it....the Wizarding World is massive in the eyes of JK Rowling and Warner Brothers so why not explore more in it...even if its a one-off like how Rogue One was presented. It fills a void or two to make the story better!

In fact, our hero of Hogwarts is really interested in a series that center around James and Lily's years at Hogwarts. Considering we all know how everything turns out that won't stop Warner Brothers from looking into it. Plus, JK Rowling knows even if its bad fans will jump aboard for the ride. (cough: Cursed Child)

If I had to pick a story, I'm actually interested in one that takes place at the American Hogwarts...Ilvermony School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! I'm sure we will see the great hallways of that institution in future Fantastic Beasts films, along with the various other schools around the world, but maybe a stand alone isn't so much to ask for in the future.

Whether we like it or not, it's happening so have your wands and broomsticks ready.


I Got A Bad Vibe About This....

Looks like Carlos Valdes...aka Cisco is ready to breach no more. Why? Reports indicate that the actor wants to be involved in other projects. This season we have seen less and less of Cisco. The cover story the show has been using is that he's off getting leads and information for the meta-human cure that he and Caitlin Snow are working on, but we know the truth behind this play, by having less of him this will help the audience adjust to a post-Cisco season of the Flash. Now, if you're asking who will be making the suits...they covered that rather well! Remember the Flash-ring Nora brought with her from the future that contained this seasons bright red suit? Cisco didn't make that one...Ryan Choi did. Who is that? He's Ray Palmer's protege...and a future Atom. I see the groundwork being paved here.

If our favorite tech adviser is really out, does this mean he will skip out on the big crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths this fall? He's a breach maker, so he is kind of key in all this I would think. If not, good thing he invented that fidget-spinner looking breach maker aka the interdenominational extrapolator so our heroes can jump between the multi-verse in ease!

The Flash is currently on hiatus and will return Tuesday March 5th.


Arrow Hit The Mark

Before this past Mondays episode of Arrow, if you said you saw this coming...I'll have a hard time believing you. In the flash-forward parts of the show, a new character that we met a few episodes ago, named Mia - aka The Black Star, has been revealed to be the daughter of Oliver and Felicity! Does this mean we will see her grab a crimson bow and put on the Speedy costume like her Aunt Thea famously use to wear? I hope so! Plus we also met John Diggle's son Connor who eventually becomes a vigilante archer!

In the comics, Mia is not related to Oliver in anyway, she's a teenage runaway who joins Green Arrow and takes on the title of "Speedy". Mia is well known in the archer's mythology because she is HIV positive, something that shocked readers back in the early 2000's. Will this Mia be the same as her comic book counterpart? CW is known for moving in these types of directions of awareness. However, even changing Mia's backstory for the show, if anything, I have a feeling this is an attempt by the writers to potentially make a new show out of these characters someday. Right after the network renewed almost every show currently airing a few CW suits mentioned that Arrow is starting to show its age, so the more we get now the easier it will be to adjust to a change in the future.

Speaking of adjusting, we need to wait a little bit until we see more about this story....along with a few other CW shows, they are on a two-week hiatus so we will need to wait until March 4th for the next episode.

wait....why is she named Mia SMOKE and not Mia Queen?


Only One Can Bring Balance To The Next Title of Star Wars

Well it looks like Episode 9 filming has wrapped...and if you want to feel some feelings, check out this photo of the Rey, Finn, and Po.

A few weeks ago you may remember an image surfing around the internet. In a Mace Windu purple lightsaber color lettering we saw: Star Wars: Balance of the Force....but then dropped like it never happened!

So...what do we all think? Is this the TRUE title of Episode 9 or just a big conspiracy plot for us all to talk about it? It's odd that we haven't heard anything yet. Lets go back to 2017 for a moment....In January we learned that Episode 8 was going to be titled The Last Jedi. By April we received a trailer, and then the movie premiered that December. So what gives now?! No title, not even a quick teaser. Are they waiting for the Avengers: Endgame hype to die off a bit? It's all Disney so...sure, that's a decent plan in their money making eyes however I hate waiting so....COME ON JJ Abrams tell us already! I feel like you're force chocking us all!


Doom Is Here!

Now out on the DC Universe stream, it's the Doom Patrol! It was announced pretty early on that a show would be made about these misfits but to help people get to know them, this rag tag crew made an appearance on an early episode of Titans. However, we only meet Robot Man, Negative-Man, and Elasti-Woman. In the show itself we will be introduced to Crazy Jane (her power is...well being crazy, she has over 60 personalities), The Chief (think Charles Xavier), and Cyborg. Yes, Cyborg. We know all about him already.

So if you don't have Valentines Day plans or you get stood up...toss this show on, it already has over a 90 percent rating on Rotten Tomato!

This just proves the theory that DC characters are better on TV shows than movies.


Holy Cowabunga, Batman!

I'm not sure who had this idea...but give them a raise (or at least an never ending supply of pizza!). I can't wait to see Batman talk to Mikey...however I would love to see Batman get ninja tips from Master Splinter!

So for those who are thinking..."where the frak did some idea come from?!" well, it's been done before! Back in 2015 there was a crossover comic called Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original, right?). So it looks like they just took the idea and are running with it! Hey, it's all about crossovers so why not see what this can do!

Expect this to come out later this year.

PS...eating pizza during this is not required but encouraged.


Now I want Pizza...okay, that's it for now.

I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! (still, as always brought to you by no one)



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