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Hello Geeks!

It's a big weekend! The Academy Awards are on this Sunday on ABC. Excited? You should be! Black Panther is up for Best Picture. The first superhero film to ever be nominated in that category. What are the chances of it taking him the top prize? No clue. It's not nominated in any other category so the chances of it winning are slim but if it does, what a win for Marvel and the entire superhero/comic book genre!

So while you prep your Oscar attire and put a pause on your binge of the The Umbrella Academy we can geek out!

Sign Me Up!

This is sweet redemption. When I was a wee-lil-Maz we had a mock-fencing week in gym class. Of course, I pretended it was a light saber and my gym teachers were not to happy with me. Well...WHO IS LAUGHING NOW!

This also means that perhaps someday...light saber battling will be in the Olympics! LA is hosting the Summer Games in 2028, I feel I can be ready by then. Anyone want to join me in my Jedi quest?


Marvel & Netflix Finalize Their Divorce

RIP Jessica Jones and Punisher. This should be no shock but on Monday the ax fell on the final two Marvel shows on Netflix. This move officially ends all the Marvel-Netflix shows that began back in 2015. Jessica Jones season three is still wrapping up production and the plan is to still air all the episodes later this year to wrap up the show.


The Castle Is Closing

This is a shocker. Well, not that the alternate history show ending...the real shocker is normally we wait one or two years between seasons for the next one to arrive. This time, Amazon is dropping the fourth and final season of Man in the High Castle sooner than expected. The show has taken a more sci-fi turn then how it originally started so when you watch the trailer you might notice some characters in different settings....mainly John Smith helping Juliana after being shot (by him no less in the Nazi controlled world) and the big shocker, his son being alive! (It was a little blurry but it was him!) No date has been announced but we can expect to say goodbye to occupied America later this year.

Are you sad to see this alternate reality show go away or do you think this show overstayed its welcome? Regardless, the trailer sets up great things to come!



First the Walking Dead, then Marvel had it's outbreak, now it's DC comic's turn. Being introduced in the new six issue DCeased line (ha...get it) are zombies made by Darkseid himself! We see the first cover with Batman fighting off some zombies, so it seems the story line will center around him, however it's not an easy fight because everyone in the DC universe can get infected. Usually our Dark Knight is prepared for everything (think Tower of Babel graphic novel) but zombies made by an alien overlord? He might have missed that one. DCeased issue #1 will be released May 1st.


Birds of Prey....In The Arrowverse

In 2020 DC and Warner Brothers will be releasing their own Birds of Prey movie...but CW's Arrow is getting first shot at it on the TV side. Coming soon we will see the three ladies who have all held the Canary title team up in a future episode. Yes, this includes Caity Lotz aka Sara Lance of the time traveling misfits Legends of Tomorrow.


Tickets To The Monster Show!

Ready to see King Kong and Godzilla fight? If so, then this make you happy! According to this tweet from comic book resources Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures has pushed up the duel to March 13, 2020 from it's original release date of May 22, 2020. This now sets Godzilla: King of the Monsters (which arrives in theaters this May) and Godzilla vs King Kong movies about 10 months apart instead of a year. You think they will pay homage to this classic clip?


So there ya have it! All the stories that will start a conversation at this weekends Oscar-viewing parties. Now you may resume your binge of the Umbrella Academy! Until next time...I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week! (still, as always, brought to you by no one)



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