Here Kitty Kitty.....It's the Geek Freak of the Week!

Hello my fellow geeks! Another week has passed and this weekend will be marvelous! Why? Because Captain Marvel is in theaters!

Perfect timing too. Avengers: Endgame is next month, and of course we know that this movie will somehow set things up to take on the mad titan Thanos. It's Marvel, they always do that! So if you have nothing to do this weekend, go for it! Plus...there is a cat in it named Goose. Do I need to say anything else? Ok ok...time to get into it. Here are the stories we followed all week long from the Geek Freak headquarters.


Say The Magic Word!

OK so one Captain Marvel has landed in theaters. Here's the other one! (if you don't know what I am talking's very hard to explain without getting SUPER SUPER geeky so just take my word for it)

The last few trailers seemed very repetitive so this new one that was released earlier this week gave us a fresh look at our next DC hero. Some reviews of the movie are already out (which aggravates me because I want to see this movie really bad!) and they are positive! Check it out here.

Shazam! is in theaters April 5th.


More of the Dark Phoenix

Forget the last trailer you saw for this film. This one is WAY better. I think we can all agree that the last one made us feel we were watching an X-Men: The Last Stand remake. The one here is tuning us into the origin of Jean and her powers. Plus you get a sense that this movie might set up a small reboot for the series. I mean, Disney does own the rights to X-Men now so anything is possible! For now...we wait until June.


Game of Thrones!

No words here....just watch. GO!!!!!


WASN'T THAT AWESOME! SO MANY FEELINGS...SO MANY THEORIES! April 14th is just next month! it'll be here before we know it now!

okay...okay...back to the other Geek Freak news.

Hanging Up The Quiver

This wasn't a shocker, but you had to feel some sort of disappointment (or maybe relief). After all, this show has a whole universe named after it. It was confirmed on Stephen Amell's twitter that season 8 of Arrow will be its last and will only consist of ten episodes this fall. If the math is done right, the show will end with next years crossover Crisis on Infinite Earth. I think we can now predict what will happen...yup, Oliver is probably going to die to save the whole multiverse. Just be ready for it!


Meet The New Squad

Well...some! Earlier this week it was said that Idris Elba was cast to replace Will Smith as Deadshot. Now it's coming out that these are just "talks". Got to love social media and the internet. Until we can confirm this, there is SOME news regarding the next Suicide Squad movie that comes out in 2021. NEW MEMBERS! The class of '21 include:

KING SHARK: You’ve seen this guy from the Flash series on CW. He’s half man/half shark. That’s about it.

MISTER POLKA DOT: This Gotham villain has gone toe-to-toe with Batman a few times. If you think his name is odd wait until you see his suit!

Next up we have PEACEMAKER: Yeah, you don’t think of a villain that goes by that name is going to be too much of a threat, right? HOWEVER...he loves peace so much that he will kill to make it happen. Scared now?

And finally…THE RAT CATCHER. I'll give you a second to collect yourself. Okay, ready to continue? Before you go making fun of the name…this one is fairly straightforward. Ratcatcher was an exterminator in Gotham, started to communicate with rats, made them an army, and turned to a life of crime. I'm sure if you had that ability you would probably name yourself the same thing. In the comics the character was a man. For the movie, they are casting a female. If you ever wanted to get into acting, go for this role!

I swear they went with these names because they sound funny. James Gunn is writing and directing so lets have some faith!


Phew...that was a lot. I know I am taking you away from some serious Netflix binging of The Umbrella Academy...if you haven't yet, WHAT THE HELL! It's based on the comic series written by the front man of My Chemical Romance himself, Gerald Way! Don't make him more emo. Just watch it! Still need this clip below. Until next week...I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! (patent pending)


PS....this song will be stuck in your head and I am NOT responsible for that. Ok bye!



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