I Saw Captain Marvel...And I Have One Big Thought.

Hello fellow geeks! I, like many of you, went and saw Captain Marvel over the weekend. I give it 7 out of 10. The soundtrack: perfect. The plot: a great prequel to the MCU and a nice Nick Fury origin....but I have questions. It's about our favorite blue cube.


This latest Marvel film gives us a story of how the Tesseract came into the possession of Director...well, at this time Agent Nick Fuery and S.H.I.E.L.D. itself. But now I am a little confused. It's one minor detail but....didn't Howard Stark find the tesseract? This clip from Captain America: The First Avenger proves it.


Ok, still with me? Here's my question. If Tony's father found it, then how did the it end up with the government? Did Stark really just hand it over to them? if so...I am totally shocked he did that.

Now you're probably saying: "Maz...it's mentioned in Captain America: The First Avenger that Stark is one of the biggest contributors for the war effort, so he was working with the government, so of course he would turn it over to them once he found it. Also, in Iron Man 2 we heard about Project PEGASUS, so there is your answer. Yes, Howard did turn it over to them once he found it...what's the issue?"

To which I would say.....

IT'S STILL A PLOT HOLE! Even if it's minor! When Tony was redesigning the arc reactor in Iron Man 2 to save his own life he sees the plans for the project and a drawing of the cube. So, clearly his father had notes on it. Now in Captain Marvel we learn it's a joint NASA and USAF project. No logos or mention of Stark Industries. At all. Plus, the test was in 1989. Howard was still alive! He and his wife died in that car crash (thanks for Bucky) in 1991! Howard would have been involved in something like this and had the Stark logo everywhere! If he was interested in Hank Pym's Ant-Man technology (which also relates to Project Goliath, mentioned in Iron Man 2) he definitely would have put his name on light-speed engines. It's really a small detail that was missed, and maybe he knew in some odd way that Wendy Lawson aka Mar-Vell was an alien. Ok, that's fine! However, my point is this:

Howard Stark wouldn't of turned the Tesseract over to the government. He knew what HYDRA was up too with it. Howard Stark was a smart man and would have been smart enough to realize "I need to keep this one under my roof for safe keeping". Right, right, I know....he was working for/with the US Military in the 1940's and was one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. but let's not kid ourselves here. He knew how powerful that blue cube was, best place to keep it was in a room where he knew the code.

Other than that...Captain Marvel was a great movie! As I said after the post-credit scene "well...Thanos is f-ed!"

Avengers: Endgame is next! April 26th is right around the corner!

I'm Maz and that's a geek freak of the week rant!



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