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Was it just me or was this week one that dragged? I swear on Wednesday it felt like Thursday. But thank goodness for the weekend. Side note, i didn't add this in the main part of the Geek Freak because it's just a name change but Nickelodeon has renamed (again) The Splat! It's now called Nick Rewind. We will still be getting our favorite 90's cartoons like Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, and Hey Arnold but the network wants to include stuff from the 80's and 2000's to "better fill the gap of the programming"...or something like that. That's fancy TV talk for "we need more stuff because we are repeating the same episodes over and over". So, different name, same stuff.

Here are the stories that made headlines this week:

Studio Wars: The Disney Take Over

After spending over 72 BILLION dollars and a year long hassle of sorting things out, Disney is now the proud owner of a shiny new studio. After the iconic drumroll and trumpets, 20th Century Fox can drop the "A News Corporation Company" and replace it with "A Walt Disney Company". Disney is so powerful now it would make Thanos and Darth Vader bend the knee in the presence of Mickey Mouse.

I'm secretly wishing and waiting for a video to pop up of Deadpool trying to interview for a job in the Avengers....or just at a Disney park in general. That be one hilarious video.


Strange Things Are Happening This July!

Look what finally arrived! Okay, some things we noticed:

  • The main kids are clearly growing up...and some are excepting that more than others. Even though we see them together as a group, Mike and Eleven are still a thing and Lucas and Max are paired off. We notice that Dustin is still trying to keep the group together and Will is also having a tough time accepting that fact that everyone is moving on in some way. Give the kid some slack though, he probably has PTSD!
  • Even though the group is splitting off into sub-groups, seems Dustin and Steve are best buds. I like those two being friends, even though Steve was an ass in season one he really redeemed himself with taking on the big-brother role to Dustin. Plus, he defended the kids when crazy Billy showed up. So I guess I can't hate the guy totally.
  • Our favorite small town sheriff Jim Hopper is all dressed up for a night out. Hey, it's about time the guy got back out there and it's a good to see him having a life outside of work. With the kids growing up we can see the adults actually having times for themselves. We get hints every now and again of their past, maybe that's going to be addressed in this season. I'd also be down for an episode or two about them as kids!
  • Nancy and Jonathan are seen at the local newspaper. Either applying for jobs or there to talk about the tapes they mailed out from season two. I know they look dressed up, but they could have been dragged there by the cops. We've seen that before with these two monster-hunters.
  • Billy....crazy, crazy Billy. Looks like he might have an infection from the upside-down. Activated by water? That might be bad since you are working for the city pool as a life guard. Just another reason to stay clear of this guy. and finally....
  • The new juiced-up Upside-Down monster! That thing is scary as all hell! So is that at a hospital or a lab? I wonder if it's human turned monster. Not the first time we've seen something insane like that happen in this show. We did see Billy had a mark, maybe it's him! Or maybe it's connected to Will somehow.

I won't dive anymore into this. It's only the first trailer. Get ready for this to all unfold July 4th. Oh! I am glad they had the release date tie into the events of the show. That's clever! Let the Battle of the Mall BEGIN!

PS...The Who's "Baba O'Riley" was a great choice for this one.


okay, I know after watching you have this video in mind: Let's Go To The Mall!

Look Who's Back!

Can we all agree that Riverdale is downright TERRIBLE this season? I liked season one. The second season, I lost a lot of interest. Now, the current one? If I miss an episode I don't loose sleep over it (and there are a lot I have missed). However, this current season does have a cult theme going on, so why not connect it to the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? I know, the shows are are on different platforms, but that hasn't stopped anyone before.

Okay, done with that rant. Check out the next stage of the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina. This next part of the show is going dark...like working-for-Satan kind of dark. I really hope this doesn't take a odd turn like it's sister-show has. I guess we will need to watch and find out.


No More Superman?!

Either there was to much kryptonite on set or the budget was used to hire Jon Cryer. Hey, either way that's not a terrible budget choice! However, it looks like the TV man of steel is sitting out for the rest of the season of Supergirl. Considering he's a fan-favorite fingers are crossed he will be back this fall for Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Damn it, Barry!

Add another one to the list of those leaving the DCEU. Actually...that's a little premature. Ezra Miller hasn't officially said he's out as the Central City speedster but he's getting damn close. The reason? He wants another version of the script to be made for the upcoming Flash solo film. The current one is to lighthearted for him, he wants a darker script! He hasn't given an example though. So I'd like to know how dark he's thinking. Good thing there are other versions of the Flash out there. Start the casting call for Wally West!


It's A Real Game of Thrones!

With just weeks away from the final season of Game of Thrones something amazing has happened. HBO has dropped REAL Iron Thrones around the world! They are calling it: Quest for the Throne! So here is how it works...

  1. Follow Game of Thrones on Twitter and/or keep this link handy!
  2. Wait until they drop a new location
  3. Watch the video to gain clues
  4. Go on the quest!

Simple right? Well, not really. They aren't making it easy to locate and it doesn't seem that any thrones will be here in the good ol' US of A. However, it's fun to read the comments and really help in the process so others can locate them. PLUS, once they do find the throne it's fun to see if you were right or wrong.


After reading that, are you ready to jump on an airplane so you can claim a throne? Good luck! T-minus 3 Sundays until it comes back!

I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! (podcast coming soon)



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